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5 killed, 40 injured in Waukesha Christmas parade attack; Darrell Brooks is being questioned

Waukesha Christmas parade attack

According to numerous law enforcement sources aware with the preliminary investigation findings, the Waukesha suspect was fleeing another incident when he drove into the parade route.

While the investigation is still ongoing, there is no known link to foreign or domestic terrorism, and it does not appear to be linked to the Kenosha verdict, according to the sources.

When an SUV slammed into a Wisconsin Christmas parade, a witness described the “horrifying” scene.

Angelito Tenorio, a candidate for Wisconsin state treasurer, was campaigning at the Waukesha Christmas parade and had barely finished traveling the route when an SUV slammed through the crowd, killing at least five people and wounding over 40 more.

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“It was absolutely chaotic. It was horrifying,” he told CNN. “Nobody knew if this was an attack or if this was an accident or if it was deliberate attack on the people of the parade. People just started fleeing, running away from the scene, leaving behind their belongings, grabbing their children, calling, screaming, looking for their loved ones. And when the crowd cleared out, that’s when it looked like I saw people, who appeared to be lying in the middle of the street, lying still, lying lifeless.”

He continued, “

“The last thing I heard was the band playing, and then I heard the truck speeding up, almost like the engine was revving. The driver sounded like he was pushing the pedal to the metal and speeding down the road. There was a loud blast followed by shouts and tears.”

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Tenorio recalled thinking just before the incident how “amazing the attendance was in terms of participants and attendants.”

“People wanted to get together and start the celebration moving into the holidays,” he said Monday, “especially after last year’s parade was canceled due to Covid.”

The parade was guarded by security, and many streets were shut by barriers. Tenorio speculated that it may have aided in the incident’s speedy response.

Watch the video interview here:

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