A company MD send female worker home after he saw her pant line

A company MD send female worker home after he saw her pant line

Arinze Odira, a social media user with Twitter name @Captain Arinze has recounted a moment a female worker was sent home by her superior she arrived at work with her pant lining ‘exposed’.

The Nigerian man notes in a post that the boss of a multi-billion company in the country takes everything about his work seriously.

Arinze Odira stated that the 30-year-old billionaire’s perfectionist persona would have him send female staff home if he determines they are not ‘decently’ dressed.

He also added that the boss pays attention to every detail and the female worker involved was sent home after her boss noticed her pant lining was showing.

”I know a young CEO of a multibillion naira company with an office in Ikoyi. He is in his early 30s This brother used to send his female workers home if their pant lining is visible.

He is such a perfectionist. He pays attention to every tiny detail. I felt he was a bit cynical,” @Captain Arinze said.

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His remarks has generated over 1K reactions and some opposing remarks from Twitter enthusiasts.

”Don’t be daft. Are the women working with their ‘b…tts’? Why is he checking their b…tts out? If he really respects himself, he will do the work he’s there to do and not look below their neckline. Rubbish,” @MitchellXris said in response.

”The question is, how does an employee pay attention to my pant liner? Does it affect my work? Does my dressing show irresponsibility? If no then we’ll have a lot of trouble, I for one mostly don’t wear it, will he notice and ask me to go and wear?,” Nefisah quizzed.

@Kylareetarh wrote: ”Creepy attitude. He should as well give ladies bleeding days off till they are done, And pant lining shows mostly in suit trousers and skirts he should expect things like that, except they are allowed to wear jean trousers. this is no perfectionist.”

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