A disable man with one leg begs for job on the street

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A physically challenged man, with just a leg to enable his mobility has become the center of attention after a photo of him holding a makeshift placard while literally begging people for a job have gone viral.

According to National Bureau of statistics 2 million of youth have not been spared by the country’s economic hardship, with more people from 15 years and older who are unemployed.

A young physically challenged man with just a leg happens to be part of this statistics.

Obviously frustrated by his poor living condition and his inability to adequately cater for himself, David took to the streets to beg for an opportunity earn a living.

“David held a makeshift placard which read: ”Hello mummy [and] daddy, I need a job, will you employ me?’’

David also indicated that he ‘’can work as cashier, office admin, storekeeper, messenger [and] office manager.’’

Life has thrown extremely sour lemons at him, and while he has not been able to make lemonade out of it, David is pleading for a chance at live to make something meaningful from his cruel situation.

Of course a man with just a one leg to support his movement, David’s story is just one of many touching narratives that requires your attention.

Luckily, the inscription on the placard featured his contact, via which persons with goodly hearts, can reach him.

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