A fall from grace: Fans call out Tyler Perry after spotting several blunders in new film

Fans call out Tyler Perry after

US celebrated movie producer Tyler Perry has received extreme ridicule after fans noticed avoidable blunders in his new release: A Fall From Grace.

The movie which premiered on Netflix has disappointed a lot of his fans as they said it was cheap and had ridiculous mistakes.


The movie is about a lady indicted for murdering her husband but her lawyer tries to find out if there was any conspiracy against her.

Fans went on Twitter calling out Tyler Perry for a shoddy job, asking that he allocates a better budget to future projects and avoid low budget ones.

Some of the most notable blunders include a scene where a character receives a text message but the phone screen shows a screenshot.

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Another mistake involves the main character, Grace, whose wig size changes from one shot to the other appearing both bigger and smaller.

Here are some other blunders and remarks as called out by fans:

Fans call out Tyler Perry after
Fans call out Tyler Perry after
Fans call out Tyler Perry after
Fans call out Tyler Perry after
Fans call out Tyler Perry after

Teyler Perry had earlier boasted that the movie took only five days to film. He said in those five days they shot two episodes which was a new milestone, considering people in Hollywood take seven days to shoot an episode.

Well, after these remarks, plus the fact that he owns a fully-fledged studio, the star man should consider taking his time while creating a masterpiece.

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