A list of Trevor Noah girlfriend, their story and a hint of his current relationship status

Trevor Noah girlfriend

It is no longer news that the popular host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central Trevor Noah has broken up with his girlfriend. With the way the celebrity is moving from one relationship to the other, a curious mind will rightly want to know what happened to Trevor Noah girlfriend. Apart from that, how many relationships has he entered into so far? These are a few of the issues that are considered in this article.

Trevor Noah girlfriend

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Trevor Noah is a talent South African comedian, producer, writer, political commentator, television host and actor. Without any doubt, the dynamic and creative manner with which he presents The Daily Show since he took over from Jon Stewart has blown the show into popularity. Apart from being an expert when it comes to making people laugh, his published book, Born A Crime, is another project of his with a hilarious and heartbreaking result. But then, if he is well-accomplished in these areas, what happens to his love life?

Trevor Noah girlfriend

Trevor Noah’s girlfriend

It became the talk of the town when Trevor and Jordyn started dating in 2015. In fact, anyone who does not have a love relationship would be willing to jump into one almost immediately with the way the social media were flooded with their love pictures. Since Trevor and Jordyn began their journey of love, the duo had appeared and been seen by many on several red carpet events and baecations. Based on the careers of Trevor Noah and Jordyn Taylor, the two of them, no doubt, are a perfect match.

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Trevor Noah girlfriend

Jordyn Taylor was born on the 14th of November, 1990 in Riverside, California. Out of a family of three siblings, she is the only girl. Based on her blog, most of her early years were spent in California’s. What nationality is Jordyn Taylor? Jordyn is of Albanian and American descent, and then, career-wise, she is a model and singer. With several song titles released, the breakthrough song of Jordyn, Strong, performed so well on MySpace Music Charts.

Trevor Noah's girlfriend

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Apart from that, in Japan ranking, her album also peaked well among the top 10 albums on R&B iTunes Charts in the country. Jordyn Taylor net worth? As published by superbhub, the talented songwriter, model and real estate agent Jordyn Taylor net worth is estimated to be around $2 million; although her primary source of income is singing.

Trevor Noah girlfriend Dani Gabriel

Before Trevor Noah Jordyn Taylor started dating, Noah had a relationship with Dani Gabriel before he left South Africa. According to information, the two of them started to date after they had known each other for up to five years. After the relationship kick-started in January 2014, there were rumours that the two of them were engaged.

Dani Gabriel is a successful physiotherapist, and she practices on her own. As much as possible, the lady ensured that she supported Noah’s success, and each time she was opportune, she travelled about with Trevor anytime he was on tour. From the look of things, the two love-birds were happy and enjoying each other. However, because of the busy schedule of Trevor Noah, both of them had to part ways later. Despite the split, according to social media posts, Gabriel remains interested in his success.

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Are Trevor Noah and Jordyn Taylor still dating?

Unfortunately, in summer 2018, Trevor Noah had to break up his relationship with his girlfriend Jordyn Taylor, and this is coming after the two have been together for four years. Why did Trevor Noah and Jordyn Taylor split? After the breakup announcement was made during a Q&A Instagram Storie session, the reasons behind the breakup were not disclosed, but according to Taylor, she loves Trevor so much.

Trevor Noah girlfriend

Is Trevor Noah married?

At the moment, there is no particular person to point to as Trevor Noah wife or girlfriend which means that the TV personality is still single. There are also no rumours at the moment of him dating anyone. A proof of his single state is traceable to an interview session he had with Ellen DeGeneres recently. During the interview, he confessed that he was still single, except that he jokingly said he would like to date a Kardashian for a week.

So, we have been able to discuss everything that you should know about Trevor Noah girlfriend and the current status of the celebrity. More so, now that Trevor has given a hint on whom he wishes to date next, for your information, if you are considering making a play for him as a lady, bear in mind that he needs a beautiful brunette whose hand he could hold each time he walks the red carpet.

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