Actor IK Ogbonna’s ex-wife thanks God coronavirus didn’t happen when she was living with him

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The coronavirus pandemic has no doubt slowed down the movement of things in the world as cities are no longer buzzing and people are left to stay at home to ensure their safety.

While many people have found this stay at home order very inconvenient, others have looked on the bright side and reminisced on how things are different now.

Nollywood actor, IK Ogbonna’s ex-wife, Sonia Lareina, took to social media via her Instagram page to speak on how she is thankful that the coronavirus pandemic did not start five years ago when she had just given birth to her child for the actor.

IK Ogbonna

Sonia said that she cannot complain about being indoors right now because it beats being indoors five years ago when she lived in a house with no water, on and off electricity as well as mosquitoes that were troubling her new born son.

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Sonia said that the pandemic has made her look inwards and think on the obvious difference between her life then and now. She also said that she sometimes gets dissatisfied for being indoors all the time but that she would be stupid not to be grateful.

Read her below…

IK Ogbonna

Excerpts from her post reads: “I can’t even complain about being indoors right now cuz Lord knows how bad it would be if this happened to me 5 years ago when I was staying in a house with no water and light coming off & on with a new born baby that doesn’t stop crying and sweating and mosquitoes that won’t stop biting (thank God we don’t look like everything we been through lol) .. Nah! It just crossed my mind like yesterday (as u know we all got some spare time to think) and somehow this whole situation came in handy as a tool of introspection, it helped me spot the obvious difference between our lives back then and our lives now, and even though I find myself getting all inpatient and restless with this whole idiotic situation, I steady remind myself that I must be stupid to let myself be anything less than grateful”.

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