Actress Anita Joseph Reveals How Social Media Trolls Mount Pressure On Her To Get Pregnant

Actress Anita Joseph Reveals How Social Media Trolls Mount Pressure On Her To Get Pregnant

Nollywood actress Anita Joseph has fired back at social media trolls mocking her for not being pregnant for her husband after 16 months after marriage.

Anita Joseph tied the knot with her husband, Nigerian comedian Michael Fisayo also known as MC Fish 16 months ago. Anita Joseph has described those people who mount pressure on married celebrities or individuals to get pregnant as silly and naughty.

In her words;

“I am always in high spirits but I have also had to fight some private battles. I don’t even know how to put some of the things I have experienced in words. It is funny that people come to my social media page to ask me why I am not pregnant.”

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“People have said many unprintable things and I find them very naughty and silly. People that make those kinds of comments are just low lives. Some would even ask if my husband does not have sperm.”

“However, I handle it well by ignoring them. I believe that if one is well-mannered and has a proper upbringing, there are some statements one would not make on social media. Words are very sensitive, so I have built armor around myself. I have always said that marriage is beautiful and I am a testimony to that.”

“Ever since I got married, I have become more beautiful and glow differently because I have peace. There are a lot of married people who do not have peace in their homes. Money and material possessions may finish but one’s peace is sacrosanct.

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“I have heard people say that if one does not have money, one cannot have peace of mind. But, there are people that have money, yet don’t have peace. I am grateful for my husband. He is God-sent and we are content with our lives. Some of my friends did not expect me to settle down with a hype man but I am glad I did. Who does not need a hype man in their lives? My heart certainly beats for him.” Anita said.

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