Africa is better than America – Singer Akon explains

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American singer, Akon, has shared thought-provoking words about Africa that will leave just about anyone charged up. In a recent summit featuring African youths, the singer explained why Africa is actually better than America.

Akon who was one of the speakers at the program stated that America seems like the greatest country on earth because filmmakers, directors and even the press seem to pass out only positive stories about the country and water-down the negative.

Whereas, in Africa, negative stories are quick to make front pages in the newspapers and end up being perceived globally as the only truth of the continent. Akon adviced that Africans need to come together and tell better stories about the continent instead of pushing only negative narratives.

He shared that in America, there are probably more killings and shootings but only less than a dozen are reported why the rest are ignored.

He also stated that the filmmakers make sure to shield the negative image of America and choose to sell the positive aspects of the country including making people believe it is the land where dreams come true.

The singer adviced that Africans need to start telling their story instead of passing across only negative news about the continent.

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