After I came back from “END SARS” protest, I met my neighbors treating my daughter this way.

After I came back from "END SARS" protest, I met my neighbors treating my daughter this way.

Today been 17th October, my daughter joy clocked 12 years today, but I never had any plans to make a special celebration to her all because I am down financial, but I had a little plans of taking her out and get her some snacks so she could enjoy her self and not to get angry with me.

While having such plans as of yesterday evening, a friend of mine came to my house and asked me to come and join him let’s go for the END SARS protest that is to take place today in Kaduna, which I agreed to follow him. He came to my house today as early as possible and we match out to the end sars protest, after some hours, while in the act of protesting, I later remembered that today is my daughter’s birthday, and I promise to take her out along with me to have some snack’s. I quickly inform my friend peter who I came to the protest with letting him know that i was going home he said OK no problem.

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I took off immediately I got to my house I was hearing my daughter’s voice which seems like she was hurt, and I quickly rush to check what was happening to her, only for me to meet her this way been mal-treated by my neighbors children.

Please have a look at the photos below.

Only for me to meet my daughter weak and exhausted crying on the floor, I became speechless and confuse, immediately tears roll down from my eyes, I screamed and asked them why are they doing this to my daughter but one of them answered me that it was part her birthday celebration. I became speechless and held my daughter by her arms and drag her to my room, I didn’t say anything after then, because I was having the plans to call the police for them, for such an act but before I do so, I decided to bring this issue to this platform so that you could help me with your advice on what to do.

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Please people I need your advice because am already in pains.

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