After I Lost My job, My Wife Left me, 6 Months later I was Offered N15 Million” Man Seeks Advice

After I Lost My job, My Wife Left me, 6 Months later I was Offered N15 Million" Man Seeks Advice

A Young Man identified as Jimoh Kazeem is Currently Seeking advice from the general public on an Issue of Great Concern to him.

According to a Post he made recently on Social Media Platform Facebook, he claimed that his Wife of two months had left Him when he Lost his Job saying that she can’t live with a Jobless man and after that, she had deserted equipments in the Household and that he had Suffered badly relying on friends and well wishers.

After I Lost My job, My Wife Left me, 6 Months later I was Offered N15 Million" Man Seeks Advice

However God turned situations around after six months when the Office of the Former Workplace where he was Sacked Contacted him apologizing saying it was a Misunderstanding while offering him a Cheque of Fifteen Million naira For Compensation.

His Wife on hearing the Miraculous Turn around contacted him and started seeking for forgiveness.

See his Post Below

After I Lost My job, My Wife Left me, 6 Months later I was Offered N15 Million" Man Seeks Advice
After I Lost My job, My Wife Left me, 6 Months later I was Offered N15 Million" Man Seeks Advice
After I Lost My job, My Wife Left me, 6 Months later I was Offered N15 Million" Man Seeks Advice

Please what is your Sincere advice for this man?

If You’re in his situation, How will you handle it?

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41 thoughts on “After I Lost My job, My Wife Left me, 6 Months later I was Offered N15 Million” Man Seeks Advice

    1. Pray and thank God firstly, you were inlove or you had wrong affairs. God spoke through wife to realised she’s wasn’t wife material but dessived of financial gain. Pray and ask for Holy Spirit to speak to you in Faithful, blessed wife shall came to pass and one request please do this: U have NO bussines dating Any1, UNLESS U 1st DID Ur Homewk.. With Wisdom, Skills, Maturity, Experience, etc 2 handle it and the Consequences that Will come..!! What do u know abot her hstory, backgrnd, frnds, family, job, HIV status, hobbies, fears, dreams, secrets, likes, dislikes, future plans?? HOW DO U FIT IN Her PLANS? And how do SHe fit into YOUR Own plans? (thats the homework U do BEFORE U date or marry som1)… Did u do so?

    1. She is evil; u can’t trust her
      I she doesn’t have children 4 u then go on with ur life and 4get about her. But if she does; then marriage is 4 better 4 worse. Carry ur cross.
      Congratulations by the way

  1. Never you bring her back , if you do , you will definitely regret it in future , she don’t deserve to be call a wife , and this woman do not love you genuinely at all

  2. She is not good wife, she don’t have rely love with u, God u that your job to test her that you have to know she is not your wife

  3. Forgive her but don’t take her back cos if anything happens to u this time around, she will kill u before leaving.

  4. Leave her alone, she is devil in human form. Plan how to manage your money so that you too may not regret tomorrow.

  5. Is better for you to block from any of her connection you have with her so that she will not reach u again and send a warning to her family and again let her know u are still jobless.

  6. Don’t even listen to her, I am even begging you, inside life if such thing happens to me, I won’t only avoid her but I will give her the biggest insult of her life and make a report at the station that should anything happens to me or if she ever come near me, then she will be arrested and sent to jail

  7. The fact remains that you lost your job two months after marriage and she left you. Firstly, she is a badluck for you and fortunately she packed out with her badluck and God restored your lost glory. Secondly; Use your hand to decide if you still want to be jobless again or move on with your new partner. Â kingbò buburu lenú abòre.

  8. Just take her back. She is ur wife for better and for worse. Affliction will not rise up the second time. God bless u.

  9. No one needs to advice u on this! U know what u want and what u don’t want as it is not what people say that matters but the kind of person u really are.

  10. How can be forgiven?She left when she should have stay and help him work things out. She is not unfaithful wife and she is a disgrace to womanhood.

  11. My dear brother, when you lost dat job who did you pray to for help? Who answered you?God I believe. What does his word say? Marriage is forever, am a Christian. How IL dat same God feel now that you have d power to take your wife back and you refuse. Power dat he gave you inspire of your own sins too. Nobody is perfect. Read Matthew 18:21, u see d parable of d unforgiving servant. U IL pick a lesson or two from there. Eph4:2,col3:13. Please u no her fault. Anoder woman may be worse than her. U IL lose ur integrity as a man dat can keep his house if u pursue ur prodigal wife, u no divorce& remarriage is usually a circle, once u start to stop IL be difficult. Please sir it’s not easy but forgive and take her back but be careful with ur spending on d family, u no I believe. Invest by remember dose who helped u. God bless you and them. Please men & ladies, I see Christian names and yet u advocate divorce? Will God be happy if his blessing is rewarded with disobedience to his law? Let’s desist from this please. God is preparing greater heights for him if he can overcome this temptation to divorce his wife. Jesus loves you all. Give your lives to him. He is coming soon, you re all blessed.

  12. Plz, when u get married to her, two months after marriage you loss your job, she packed out of your house and you go back to your God to safe you from torment of your enemy, your prayer was answered with honour. Now come to think of think of this, do you want to go back to your vomits cos u belief no woman can satisfy you sexually like her, hmm! Just pray to God to grant you your own wife that will love you wholeheartedly.
    Plz don’t hate her, there is reason for everything just forgive her and not take her back. She behaves like that cos she was not meant for you.
    Create a room for another love and you shall be happy to be a married to the end of time

    1. Young man leave that woman alone. If for instance you suddenly had a life threatening accident that is how she would have left you without saying good bye for you to die before your time

  13. Experience is the best teacher,why can’t you learn, history should not repeat itself,take your kids if any be let your ex wife go,an adage says,once beaten twice shy..Use that money judiciously,calm for now,you may through prayers meet your own wife,instead of one finger to put you in hell,cut it off my brother, thanks.

  14. It happens to me,my she’s a mother of five, month later this started working well, she came back tell me is devil,I replied yes you the 😈 go

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