Home Top Stories Allegations of Sexual Assault have been made against Chris Noth

Allegations of Sexual Assault have been made against Chris Noth

Allegations of Sexual Assault have been made against Chris Noth

Sexual assault accusations against Sex and the City actor Chris Noth have been made by two women. And Just Like That…, the Sex and the City reboot, inspired both accusers to contact The Hollywood Reporter earlier this year, according to THR’s sources. In the first episode of the new season, which broadcast last week, the death of Noth’s character is a major focus.

The first woman, “Zoe,” said she worked at a “high-profile firm” where Noth “did business” in 2004, when Sex and the City was in its sixth and final season. She claimed Noth flirted with her at work, eventually inviting her to the pool in his West Hollywood building. According to her account, he kissed her, at which point she says she tried to leave. Instead, she alleges Noth started raping her from behind in front of a mirror. By the time she made it to a friend’s apartment, Zoe said she refused to say what had happened, at which point the friend took her to Cedars-Sinai Hospital. Zoe claims that two police officers came, but she refused to identify her assaulter.

A second woman, “Lily,” told THR she met Noth in 2014, when she was a server in the VIP section of a New York nightclub. After inviting her to dinner, she says, Noth met her at a restaurant whose kitchen had already closed and then asked her to come to his Greenwich Village apartment to continue the date. She claimed he kept trying to kiss her, which she “cautiously entertained,” and says he then suddenly started raping her, also from behind and in front of a mirror.

Both stories are backed up by multiple sources, including the friend Zoe visited after her alleged assault, her former boss — whom Zoe called the same day to tell her what had happened — and a counselor at the UCLA Rape Crisis Center, where she was treated two years after the incident. A friend of Lily’s, who says Lily called her from her Uber home, says that Lily told her Noth had “pretty forcibly” had sex with her, and said that she listened to a voice-mail Noth left the next day making sure Lily “didn’t take it the wrong way.”

Noth denied the allegations in a statement to THR, claiming that the accusations are “categorically false” and that both encounters were consensual. “No means no,” he wrote. “That is a line I did not cross.” He also wrote that he found it “difficult not to question the timing” of the stories.

On Thursday, Law & Order guest star Zoe Lister-Jones also accused Noth of sexually improper behavior on the set.

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