Amara The Lesbian Reveals How She Lost A House Because Of Her $3xuality

Amara The Lesbian Reveals How She Lost A House Because Of Her $3xuality

Nigerian lesbian Amara has disclosed how she lost a place she was about to rent because of her $3xuality after the landlord took her social media handle.

According to Amara the lesbian, she is in search of a new place to live, and the one she found she knew she has lost it the moment the landlord asked of her social media handle to do a background check before giving her the house.

She then said her agent confirmed her fears after contacting her that he’s looking for a different place for her and that the landlord said she can’t have the place because she’s a lesbian and being a lesbian is a sin.

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We all know Africans don’t accept gays and lesbians therefore the possibility of being discriminated against when you reveal yourself as one is very high and that is what is happening to Amara the lesbian.

Even though she has once claimed she’s not a sin, therefore, people should stop looking at her as a sin, the act in which she’s engaged or her $3xuality is a sin in our part of the world hence someone living in sin is been seen as a sin.

Everyone is full of sin and no one is judging Amara the lesbian just because she’s a lesbian but then the society in which she finds herself sees gays and lesbians as sinners and that explains why she lost the house and others see her as a sin.

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