Amazing body transformation of World’s fattest boy, Arya Permana

Amazing body transformation

Arya Permana was once given the title of the World’s Fattest Boy, but it is coming as a surprise to many he is shedding his weight already

Arya who is 13 years of age, is an Indonesian, and reports say he lost 17 stone.

Amazing body transformation

According to reports, Arya weighed a normal 71b when he was born but his weight escalated beyond normal when he turned two.

Through the supervision and training from an Indonesian bodybuilder Ade Rai and a team of health professionals, he has been able to achieve a remarkable weight loss.

Amazing body transformation

The instructive physical training as complemented by a healthy diet and medical treatment.

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Arya’s father Ade Somantri explained how the transformation was because of a simple three-step routine.

Amazing body transformation

“For me, they are all good and supportive of each other.” In order to fight the flab after his dramatic weight loss, Arya will undergo surgery later this year — removing excess skin.

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