APC Responsible For Killings In Nigeria – PDP

APC Responsible For Killings In Nigeria – PDP

The Peoples Democratic Party has accused the “All Progressives Congress and its leaders of being responsible for the killings, bloodletting, and acts of terrorism in Nigeria.

According to a press statement released on the recent killings, the PDP asserted that the “resort to blackmail, threats and attack on the PDP and other well-meaning Nigerians as witnessed in APC’s statement today, in which it attempted to trivialize, politicize and dismiss the alarming violence in the country, cannot deter the PDP from further exposing the atrocities of the APC and its leaders.”

There have been several killings and shootings of citizens and other important personalities in Nigeria. In the space of 24 hours, two important people and other citizens have been shot dead by some unknown gunmen. This has caused havoc and fear and panic in some parts of Nigeria. For this reason, the PDP has accused its opponents of being behind the recent killing.

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A part of the statement titled, ‘PDP Insists APC is Responsible for Killings in Nigeria says, “Our party insists that every material evidence shows that the APC and its leaders are implementing their Janjaweed agenda to balkanize and destroy our nation through their unholy body language, divisive policies, violent acts, abuse of human rights, disregard to our national sensibilities and shameful patronizing of terrorists and bandits, which have led to widespread killings, violence, and dissonances across our nation,” the statement read.

“The APC and its administration have become sanctuaries of known and self-confessed terrorism apologists and individuals known to openly romance with bandits and terrorists.

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“The APC and its government would rather blame victims of violence instead of going after the assailants and bringing them to book as witnessed in the case of the 43 rice farmers killed by terrorists in Borno as well as the murder of the former political adviser to erstwhile President @GEJonathan, Barr. Ahmed Gulak.

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