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As a schoolgirl in short uniform dances in front of him in class, a male teacher feels ‘powerless.’

In South Africa, a male school teacher was rendered impotent in the classroom after one of the female students chose to convert the room into a nightclub.

As a schoolgirl in short uniform dances in front of him in class, a male teacher feels 'powerless.'

Students were given the opportunity to demonstrate their God-given talents as part of the learning process in what appeared to be a creative class that was in progress, and one of the young adolescent school ladies decided to show off her dance skills.

A video circulating on the internet shows a girl dressed in a short school uniform dancing crazily in front of him while seated in his chair.

The teacher was intrigued by the student’s display of adult motions as she combined her dance with some provocative gestures, and he felt powerless to even call the girl to order to halt her wild dance, which he did not do. Her classmates clapped and cheered her on as she wowed their teacher.

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Watch the video below to learn more.

In response to the video;

‘I made sure I watched the entire video before concluding that there was nothing wrong with it, children will always be children, sometimes it’s our adult minds that really paint a lot of things bad, the event that brought the dance must be something everyone in the venue is happy about, and the little young teenage took the audience’s attention,’ @jazre wrote. She’s pleased, and her teacher is pleased as well. Everyone is rooting for her.

‘This is extremely disturbing,’ @lucci okoye wrote. It makes no difference to me whether or not the teacher is pleasant. Most pleasant male professors, in my experience, are pedophilic.

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