Bakhar Nabieva biography: net worth, boyfriend, age, husband, diet, leg measurements

Bakhar Nabieva biography: net worth, boyfriend, age, husband, diet, leg measurements

There are numerous male bodybuilders with muscles, however, it is rare to see a female bodybuilder with muscles as proof of a regular workout.

Bakhar Nabieva biography: net worth, boyfriend, age, husband, diet, leg measurements
Fitness model Bakhar Nabieva. Photo: @bakharnabieva
Source: Instagram

For those who don’t know her, Bakha Nabieva is a fitness coach, bodybuilder and model. She is also known as Miss Iron Bum, a nickname she earned owing to the structure of her bum.

Bakha Nabieva became interested in bodybuilding owing to bullying, which she faced during her school days; today, with the help of social media, she is one of the most popular female bodybuilders in the world.

Bakhar Nabieva’s biography

Bakhar Nabieva was born on the 8th April 1994 in Baku, Azerbaijan, and is of Ukrainian ancestry. She hasn’t revealed details about her childhood, including the names and vocations of her parents, nor if she has any siblings or not. When it comes to her education, all we know is that she has finished high school. Hopefully, Bakhar changes her mind and starts sharing details about her early life.

How old is Bakhar Nabieva?

Bakhar Nabieva biography: net worth, boyfriend, age, husband, diet, leg measurements
Bodybuilder Bakhar Nabieva. Photo: @bakharnabieva
Source: Instagram

The bodybuilder was born on 8 April 1994. As of 2021, Bakhar Nabieva’s age is 27 years.


The model received her primary education in Dnipro, Ukraine. While in school, she played basketball and volleyball. She attended Alfred Nobel University in Dnipro and graduated with a degree in Economics.


During her high school years, Bakhar became interested in the gym and began attending one almost every day, and which increased mostly thanks to bullies who would make fun of her skinny legs. She would often picture and record her gym sessions which she would later post online, which turned out to be a good practice as she started gaining popularity on social media platforms. Gradually, she was receiving new followers on Instagram, and in no time reached 100,000 which increased with every new post.

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Bakhar Nabieva Personal Life, Boyfriend, Dating, Transgender

What do you know about Bakhar’s personal life, most importantly her love life? Well, she hasn’t been very open in sharing details about her personal endeavors, unlike her professional enterprises, but we have found out that Bakhar is currently single and fully focused on her rising career. Due to her looks, some have questioned if she is a transgender, but the answer is no. She just uses steroids which have got her hormones a bit mixed, but she was born female and stays female. Many regard her as rather beautiful.

What colour are Bakhar Nabieva’s eyes?

What colour are Bakhar’s eyes? It is one of her fans’ most frequently asked questions.

Bakhar Nabieva biography: net worth, boyfriend, age, husband, diet, leg measurements
Fitness model and bodubuilder Bakhar Nabieva. Photo: @bakharnabieva
Source: Instagram

When scrolling through her photos on social media, one cannot help but notice her large dark black eyes. However, it is not her natural eye colour, as the model wears dark black lenses. Instead, her eyes are dark brown.

How tall is Bakhar Nabieva?

Bakhar Nabieva’s height is 5 feet 7 inches, or 172 centimetres.

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How much does Bakhar Nabieva weigh?

The fitness model weighs 147 pounds or 70 kg.

After spending most of her life in Ukraine, Bakhar Nabieva now resides in Miami, Florida, US. She continues to work as a fitness model. She advises anyone who wants to begin a fitness journey to focus on themselves, their opinions, and desires. She emphasizes the importance of “being yourself and doing it for you,” without which you will not succeed.

Bakhar Nabieva Net Worth

Since launching her career, Bakhar has become quite popular, steadily increasing her wealth. So, have you ever wondered how rich Bakhar Nabieva is, as of early 2019? According to authoritative sources, Bakhar Nabieva’s net worth is as high as $250,000, which is quite decent, don’t you think? Undoubtedly, her wealth will become even higher in the upcoming years, assuming that she successfully continues her career.

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