BBN: Is Ozo Is No Longer Interested? This Is What He Told Biggie About His Relationship With Nengi.

BBN: Is Ozo Is No Longer Interested? This Is What He Told Biggie About His Relationship With Nengi.

The diary room is where the housemates come in to talk to Biggie about how they feel and if Biggie has any advice to give, he gives it to whoever needs it. All housemates come into this room to have a talk with Biggie and what they discuss is between Biggie and them.

Today like in most days, the housemates were called one by one to get into the diary room and some questions were asked. Biggie wanted to know how they felt about their new leader, if she did her job well, who they would have preferred to be leader etc.

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Ozo was summoned to the diary room and was asked series of question.

Biggie asked Ozo what he thought about Lucy being the Head of House and he told Biggie that Lucy tries her best and takes care of the house.

When asked about his relationship with others in the house he had some of these to say

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He told Biggie that Ka3na plays a big role in taking care of the house but she needs to take it easy on her bossy attitude.

When he talked about Nengi, he told Biggie that he felt and had seen that a lot of guys were attracted to her. This became very obvious to him during the truth or dare game which involved them drinking.

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It seems that what Prince did with Nengi on that day got him really upset that changed his mindset about his relationship with Nengi.

See when Prince chose Nengi during the game and see Ozo’s face.

See his face when he saw what Prince and Nengi were doing

He told Biggie that he had to withdraw himself from Nengi after what he noticed. Could this mean that Ozo is no longer Interested in Nengi?.

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He further said that he didn’t like the way Ka3na called Dorothy a sidechick and he didn’t want to end a friendship with someone because of his relationship with Nengi.

He ended his talk by saying he is hopeful and also scared for Sunday’s eviction.

Does this mean that the ship is over?

Could Ozo no longer be interested in Nengi after what he noticed?

Is this just jealousy?

He obviously told Biggie he had to withdraw meaning he had to stop showing signs of interest in Nengi.

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