BBNaija 2018 : Fans called Vandora ‘old lady’ she replies

There is no doubt that quite a number of individuals have daydreamed about becoming celebrities just so they can always appear glamorous and people can talk about them.

BBNaija 2018 : Fans called Vandora ‘old lady’ she replies

Well, life is not always as glamorous as it appears for celebrities seeing as they are constantly the targets of online bullies and trolls on social media.

Just recently, popular reality show BBNaija 2018 star, Vandora, experienced her own share of online bullying after a troll took to her comment section to be rude.

Vandora had shared a cute photo of herself on Instagram and a troll identified as @andiswa7953 made an attempt at bringing the young lady down.

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The troll explained that Vandora is just an old lady trying to look young. The person wrote: “You are not that pretty. Sometimes I feel like you think you are beyonce or something. Chill. You are just normal bleached skinned old lady trying to look young”.

Well, rather than drag the troll or reply with even more grave insults, Vandora shared words of advice with the troll.

She wrote: “Why so bitter, Life isn’t that deep”.

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