Be Careful, Money Ritualists Are Now Operating Online — Journalist, Adetutu Balogun Cautions

Nigerian journalist, Adetutu Balogun has cautioned those who are fond of giveaway fantasies from others especially on social media.

Adetutu Balogun revealed on her Twitter page that money ritualists are now operating on Twitter and the appear on the platform as benevolent and caring people.

She brought their attention to fact that as you are collecting giveaways, they are collecting greater giveaways from you by taking your star therefore one must be wary of online giveaways.

See her tweet below;

Reacting to her tweet;

@hotcakeoflagos wrote;

Where is the Lie? It is called Sara or sadaka. Sometimes, they do not have to meet those Bambi-Allah, They need from non bambi-Allah hence the giveaway on social media. If you have ever collected the money, Use it for Ipese. The juju won’t catch you.

@malikdeking wrote;

African mentality Gt bank no know money ritual ooo. Giveaway na giveaway

nothing spiritual about it jor

@poshesthope wrote;

Sheybe I’ll go to the bank and withdraw new money 

That one concern FCMB

@diyamilayo wrote;

So the ritual will start working from inside the bank account

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