Bedroom Video Of Maryam Booth Leaks Online As Her Senator Boyfriend, Uba Sani Hides

Maryam Booth

It is such an interesting day on the Nigerian social media scene; Maryam Booth is the girlfriend of popular northern senator, Uba Sani and guess what?

Her video leaked online, We still don’t know who is responsible for the leak but the video was leaked and she has become the topic of conversation among Nigerians online.

Maryam Booth

Maryam Booth is from the conservative northern part of Nigeria (popularly called the Arewa) and videos like this one that has leaked is seen as an abomination (haram) both against the tradition and the (islamic) religion of the Northern people of Nigeria.

TRENDING NOW>>  Maryam Booth accuses her ex-boyfriend of blackmail after her nude video got leaked on social media
Maryam Booth

What are your thoughts on this unfortunate incident?

If you are interested you can watch the video


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12 thoughts on “Bedroom Video Of Maryam Booth Leaks Online As Her Senator Boyfriend, Uba Sani Hides

  1. Very disappointing, this is why I tell people never let anyone video them nude cos people can be wicked. Many later turn to blackmail. It’s quite unfortunate that some people are stup!d. Why leak someone’s nudes? Everyone should be careful cos things happen…🙏

  2. no matter how love is killing you never send your nudes to anyone, if the love is too strong that it can’t do with nude let him come to your house to see it…… finished

  3. The moral lesson is mind what you do when you are in love, because a friend today could become an enemy tomorrow.

  4. Hahahaha Hausa actress. I believe if she is a Yoruba, you will tag her Nollywood actress 😂. Nothing ighalo nor go see for Man U.

  5. Why will someone ever send their nude to anybody for whatever reason,when love comot for una eyes,u will now know how far

  6. The guy is a boy PERIOD! A very small boy at that. So because things went awry, he blackmailed and eventually leaked photos/videos taken when they where in love

  7. I av fell victim but I told him to go ahead and post it mayb after d posting he will see what he has been looking for since he did not av sense dis guy no come online again …watin consin me

  8. It’s good he has made you popular
    Aunty the best thing for you now is to pack you loads and go and join porn actresses 😒😒😒

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