Bill Gates Finally Give Reasons Why Africans Should Agree to Vaccine Testing

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Bill Gates finally open up saying that Africans should permit the testing the vaccine on them as they can’t come up with one.

This is what he said;

I was angry after i heard of the move to test vaccines on Africans but after much thoughts, my mind changed. There’s this African proverb that says “that a twine that grows out of the wood and start growing on the footpaths should expect to be matched upon.” Do you know that Sani Abacha’s loots alone can sponsor 40 researches in Africa. the whites have invested the money to produce the vaccine and now you expect them to test it out on their people, you must be joking. Station your anger to something else.

Just take a look at Congolese president, he has accepted that the vaccine be tested in his country and that is because he does not have a choice. If you can’t sing, you must be ready to dance but if you can’t dance as well, you should at least clap your hands or movr your head to the rhythm. If you can’t produce the vaccine, and you choose not to sponsor your people to produce one, then you must subdue yourself to have the vaccine tested in your country.

America have put out grants to aid their scientists carry out research on the virus to come up with a cure. Now ask yourself this, Have you ever seen or heard of any African billionaire sponsoring any research or scientific innovation in Africa without his own belle in front of everything? Never! But during election periods, they give fortunes to political parties. Which is more important, research and technology innovation or political parties? Be sincere in your answers. Will you test your vaccine on someone who is sponsoring your research? No way. These scientists value their people because their people value them.

the african people do not have value for their own scientists. When being funded properly, many African scientists will produce a better vaccine and cure for Corona virus more than their foreign counterparts but our leaders will never do that. They will rather want us to be slaves to foreign powers. That was why they killed Thomas Sankara. Read about that man and understand that Africans still have a long way to go.

Bill Gates Finally Give Reasons Why Africans Should Agree to Vaccine Testing

What do you have to say about what billgates said of Africa?

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Do you think he is right

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3 thoughts on “Bill Gates Finally Give Reasons Why Africans Should Agree to Vaccine Testing

  1. Mr Bill Gate is mad man, if Africans don’t have good leaders doesn’t mean every African is want to use us as lab rats but that can’t work. Why not try it on your children first then I will know you are serious. For God’s sake, that is if you have any fear for God Almighty,pls leave Africa out of this your dirty games and world politics you people are playing.wjy not try it out on animals as I understand a tiger in the US tested positive for covid-19.Respect humanity.thanks.

  2. I am very surprise about Bill Gate comment and expression . This is not the man we thought can rule the World. For him to make such stupid statement on Africans is an ambomination . And the World and God will not forgive him.

  3. I think advance in technology does not mean to advance in self madness, bill gate is heading to a stages to even got him tested of madness,why i didn’t blaming Him is,is our leaders in Africa that make him talking manners if rubbish to our nation’s.

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