Billionaire wife Shade Okoya shows off her luxurious bedroom in new video

Shade Okoya

Social media is currently buzzing with reactions as Shade Okoya recently shared a glimpse into her luxurious life. The wife of billionaire Razaq Okoya recently posted a video of her bathroom.

In the video, she shows off the huge bathroom area, with several stylish bathroom robes and decorative flower vases. The size of the bathroom could easily be mistaken for an event hall. Okoya revealed she spends a lot of time in it, reflecting.

She wrote: “During this period of self isolation I have been spending most of my time in my bathroom reflecting on all the lessons I have learnt from this experience.”

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Many people who saw the video, reacted to how luxurious it is.

See some reactions below:

cavisaservice: “She is letting you all know that they are levels to this rich thing! Someone that has one million naria and someone with 999 million Naria are all millionaires but there is HUGE difference !”

ruthkingrambles: ‘”I’ve read the caption over and over to be sure I read bathroom.”

bshizzle70a: “How can you have a bathroom that looks like a cross between a pulpit, a bridal gown shop and a football viewing centre? ‍♂️This life is so unfair ‍♂️”

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