Blended responses as Nigerian man shares 3 things a billionaire taught him

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With regards to tips on the most proficient method to be effective, what may work for one won’t actually create a similar outcome for another. This is the reason achievement tips change. Nigerian essayist and business visionary, Praise George as of late shared some achievement tips he gained from a billionaire.

As indicated by him, the exercises were to never request budgetary assistance from companions so as to abstain from getting looked down on, consistently look great and never spread one’s issues around. As indicated by him, this was to keep one’s nobility and regard flawless.

He wrote: “Years ago, I met a millionaire. He taught me 3 lessons. 1. Never ask your friends for financial help. They will look down on you. 2. No matter how bad things are, always look good. Do not let anyone see you sweat. 3. Do not spread your problems around. People will avoid you.”

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“When you are a millionaire and start asking other millionaires for help, that means you have fallen. They will never send opportunity your way because you have become a financial risk. Ask for advice. Don’t ask for money. Your dignity and respect are intact.”

While numerous individuals praised the post which has since circulated around the web, many individuals did not exactly concur with the principal exercise and responded to the post with assessments of their own.


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