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Burgundy sauce backwards meaning: Tiktok users fight to cancel trend

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TikTok users are battling to stop a disturbing internet craze that instructs users to’say burgundy sauce backwards.’

Every day, new TikTok trends emerge, and they’re almost always completely amusing.

However, among the positive developments, there are also considerably more serious issues that should not be on the internet at all.

An old craze that urges internet users to’say burgundy sauce backwards’ has resurfaced this week, and TikTok users are banding together to try to ‘cancel’ it.

Sick trend emerges on social media

This week, a disgusting trend that went viral at the start of 2021 is taking over the internet all over again.

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The disturbing meme, which has been circulating on Twitter and TikTok, invites users to’say burgundy sauce backwards.’

After that, you must utilize a digital voice reverser to determine how the phrase sounds when reversed.

The revolting trend includes a racial slur, and TikTok users are organizing a campaign to ‘delete’ it.

TikTok users fight to cancel the trend.

The meme has been going viral on TikTok, and people on the app are trying to cancel the sick joke completely.

One TikTok user filmed a video and wrote on the screen: “When you were told to video yourself saying ‘burgundy sauce’ and told to play it in reverse.”

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Another person said: “Whatever you do, do not say ‘burgundy sauce’ and reverse it. I’ve warned you.”

In the caption, he said: “Listen to me or learn the hard way.”

People on Twitter are warning others against the disgusting trend too, and it’s clear that social media users want it removed from the internet.

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