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Chaeyoung Tattoo, Bio, net worth, age, birthday, twice, brother, instagram, park.

Chaeyoung Tattoo, Bio, net worth, age, birthday, twice, brother, instagram, park.

In K-pop, TWICE is one of the most popular girl groups, and all of its members are top idols. Chaeyoung, the group’s main rapper, is a rising star who is already making a tidy sum of money from his career. Have you ever pondered how much she is worth? Then continue to read!

Chaeyoung Tattoo, Bio, net worth, age, birthday, twice, brother, instagram, park.

The rapper and singer known as Chaeyoung, Son Chae-young (Korean: ; born April 23, 1999), better known as Chaeyoung, is a South Korean artist. She is a part of JYP Entertainment’s K-pop girl group, Twice.

Chaeyoung Early Life

On 23 April 1999, Chaeyoung was born in Seoul, South Korea.

Since she was a child, Chaeyoung has been interested in the performing arts, and she began her modeling career for a children’s magazine.

She had already made the decision to pursue a singing career and had been taking dancing training for over a year prior to joining JYP Entertainment.

When she first auditioned for JYP Entertainment as a trainee, Chaeyoung was 14 years old. She was accepted after two rounds of auditions. She began her training as a singer, but soon after began studying as a rapper. She participated in music videos for Got7 and Miss A before making her breakthrough with Twice.

2015–present: Sixteen, Twice, and solo activities

During the year of 2015, Chaeyoung competed in the reality television show Sixteen. She was one of nine finalists who made it into the new girl group Twice. [6] The Story Begins, Twice’s first extended play, was released on October 20, 2015. [8] Twice’s Chaeyoung, along with Dahyun and Momo, is well-known for her rapping skills in addition to her vocals. Twice’s cover of J. Y. Park’s Precious Love, which appeared on their 2016 album Page Two, was Chaeyoung’s first writing credit. Twice has benefited from Chaeyoung’s lyrics since that time. As a solo project, Chaeyoung performed Cheeze’s “Alone.” Chaeyoung was the first member of Twice to collaborate with Frants on the song “How U Doin'” in their second Japanese studio album &Twice. On top of that, she designed the band’s limited edition Page Two album cover and a trio of SPRIS shoe styles.

Personal life

Chaeyoung and fellow Twice member Tzuyu attended Hanlim Multi Art School together and graduated in 2019. Even though JYP Entertainment released a statement about the leak, Chaeyoung responded directly on Twice’s Instagram page. ‘I’m sorry for the inconvenience,’ she wrote.

TWICE Chaeyoung Net Worth

Because TWICE is one of South Korea’s most popular girl groups, their net worth is understandably high. It is estimated that TWICE has a net worth of $35 million as a group. Because JYP Entertainment rarely publicizes the members as individual stars and instead promotes the group as a whole, the members have a smaller net worth.

In general, the wealth of TWICE members ranges from $1 million to $1.5 million. If you believe CelebNetWorths.com, the group’s lead rapper and sub-vocalist Chaeyoung is worth $1 million. Chaeyoung, despite his status as one of the group’s wealthiest members, is not the most well-off.

Among the members of TWICE, Sana is the richest, with a net worth of $3 million. That maknae, Tzuyu, has a fortune of $2 million is her closest rival in the group.

How Did Chaeyoung Accumulate Such a Large Net Worth?

Despite the fact that Chaeyoung has not had as many solo activities as other idols from other groups, she still has certain separate activities that have molded her net worth.

Chaeyoung debuted in GOT7’s “Stop Stop It” music video as a trainee in 2014. She appears in the music video for “Only You” by miss A the next year.

She has worked on two “Melody Projects” that have helped her to show off her unique talents. In 2016, Chaeyoung launched her first “Melody Project.” A cover of Dalchong’s “Alone” was released by the idol. In 2021, she collaborated with Dahyun to release a cover of J.Y. Park and Rain’s “Switch to Me” as part of her second “Melody Project.”

Among the TWICE members, Chaeyoung has contributed the most songwriting credits. All of the songs she co-wrote yield royalty for the idol. Precious Love” was the first song she was credited with writing lyrics for by TWICE, and she has been involved in the group’s songwriting since then.

With her co-writers in 2017, she contributed to “Eyes, Eyes, Eyes,” “Missing You,” and “Don’t Give Up.” Chaeyoung co-wrote “Sweet Talker” and “Young & Wild” the following year.

“Strawberry,” “21:29,” and ‘How U Doin’ were all written by Chaeyoung in 2019. Chaeyoung co-wrote “Sweet Summer Day” and “Handle It” in the year 2020.

With the assistance of TWICE, these actions have shaped her net worth to what it is today!

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