Chinese authorities chase out Nigerians, others, claim they have COVID-19

Chinese authorities chase out Nigerians, others, claim they have COVID-19

It is not the best of times for hundreds of Africans living and doing business in China as they have alleged that they have been thrown out of hotels and their apartments.

The alleged action reported by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) was carried out in China’s southern city of Guangzhou by local health officials, who, it was said, rolled out a testing campaign for Covid-19.

The BBC quoted community leaders as confirming the development with those evicted claiming it was an act of discrimination.

“They are accusing us of having the virus. We paid rent to them and after collecting rent they chased us out of the house. Since last night we have been sleeping outside,” Tobenna Victor, a Nigerian student in Guangzhou said.

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The report also quoted Lunde Okulunge Isidore, a businessman from the Democratic Republic of Congo, as saying: “They came to my house. They told me to wait after 24 hours for the result, [but] after 24 hours nobody contacted me.”

Coronavirus: Africans in China raise alarm as they are chased out of apartments

Lumude Isidore says he has not been contacted after his test Credit: BBC
Source: UGC

While some confirmed being evicted from their apartments, others said they had been forced into quarantine and have not been made to see the results of their tests.

The report, however, said Chinese officials denied online rumours that the virus was spreading in African communities in the country.

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They also denied the alleged rumour that parts of the city where Africans reside were under lockdown.

The report said there are fears over the increasing number of imported coronavirus cases into the country and the authorities are worried it could cause a second outbreak.

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