Christian Eriksen Heart Stopped For 5 Minutes, SEE What Made Eriksen Collapse

The former doctor of Christian Eriksen from Tottenham has described the current situation of the footballer as a miracle after he regained consciousness.

 Danish international footballer Christian Eriksen passed out during a match between his country Denmark and Finland. His condition caused the suspension of the match until he was rushed to the hospital.

According to reports, Christian Eriksen suffered from a cardiac arrest but has survived. His former cardiologist at Tottenham Hotspur has however described his survival as a miracle. According to Professor Sanjay Sharma, the footballer did not have any history of heart problems but that no tests were “foolproof”.

He added that the 29-year old Danish footballer recovered “very quickly” though reports stated that his heart had stopped for five minutes. According to reports from his former doctor, Eriksen collapsed because he suffered a cardiac arrest in the Euro 2020 clash against Finland.

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‘If they did aggressive CPR [cardiopulmonary resuscitation] on him and if they did have to use a defibrillator, then I would call this a primary cardiac arrest as a result of the heart going into a bad rhythm,’ Prof Sharma told The Mail.

“What I saw was that he ran towards the ball, completely lost his legs – clearly at that point something had gone terribly wrong – becomes floppy, hits the ground, and starts fitting.’

“For every minute that they don’t get you back, if you haven’t got good CPR, then the chance of you surviving goes down by about seven percent.”

‘Normally with somebody who’s had a downtime of five or six minutes, if they get them back, they’re in such a bad way that they have to be ventilated, with a tube going down their throat helping them to breathe.” he said.

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