Chuck Mangione, Biography, Age, Songs, Children, Net Worth, Lyrics

Chuck Mangione, Biography, Age, Songs, Children, Net Worth, Lyrics

Chuck Mangione, real name Charles Frank Mangione, is an American flugelhorn player, trumpeter and composer born on November 29, 1940. He was a member of Art Blakey’s band and co-led the Jazz Brothers with his brother, Gap. He achieved international success in 1977 with his jazz-pop single “Feels So Good”. Mangione has released more than 30 albums since 1960.

Chuck Mangione Age

Mangione was born in Rochester, New York, United States on November 29, 1940. He is 78 years as of 2018. He is an American native.

Chuck Mangione Wife

He lives in a modest split-level with Judi, his Penelope-like wife of 13 years. Together they have two daughters Nancy, and Diana.

Chuck Mangione Feels So Good

Feels So Good is a 1977 jazz album released by  Mangione. It contains his hit single, the title song “Feels So Good”, which is an edited form reached No. 4 on the U.S. charts. The song also reached the top of the Billboard adult contemporary chart. It was also frequently referenced on the animated TV comedy King of the Hill, on which Mangione had a recurring voice role as himself.

The album Feels So Good peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard albums chart in 1978.

King Of The Hill

Set in Texas, this animated series follows the life of propane salesman Hank Hill, who lives with his substitute-teacher wife Peggy, wannabe comedian son Bobby, and deadbeat niece Luanne. Hank has strikingly stereotypical views about God and country but is unpretentious and sees the world simply.

Children Of Sanchez

Children of Sanchez is the sixteenth overall album by jazz artist Mangione. It is also the soundtrack to the 1978 film The Children of Sanchez.  Mangione won a Grammy for Best Pop Instrumental Performance for the title song, “Children of Sanchez”. The title track is sung by Don Potter.

Chuck Mangione Net Worth

Mangione is an American flugelhorn player, trumpeter and composer who has a net worth of $10 million.

Chuck Mangione Career

In the late 1960s, Mangione was an individual from the band The National Gallery, which in 1968 discharged the collection Performing Musical Interpretations of the Paintings of Paul Klee. Mangione filled in as chief of the Eastman jazz outfit from 1968 to 1972. In 1970, he came back to recording with the collection Friends and Love, recorded working together with the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra and visitor entertainers.

Mangione’s group of four with saxophonist Gerry Niewood was a famous show and recording act all through the 1970s. “Bellavia”, recorded during this coordinated effort, won Mangione his first Grammy Award in 1977 in the classification Best Instrumental Composition.

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Mangione’s piece “Pursue the Clouds Away” was utilized at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, Quebec. His piece “Give It All You Got” was the topic to the 1980 Winter Olympic Games in Lake Placid, New York. He performed it live on a worldwide transmission at the end functions. In 1978, Mangione made the soundtrack for the film The Children of Sanchez featuring Anthony Quinn.

This collection won him his second Grammy, in the classification Best Pop Instrumental execution in 1979. The title melody’s full form was just about 15 minutes in length and included a breeze area topic. In 1981, Mangione made and played out the subject for the film The Cannonball Run.

Notwithstanding his group of four with Niewood, Mangione had much accomplishment with his later-1970s troupe, with Chris Vadala on saxophones and woodwinds, Grant Geissman on guitars, Charles Meeks on bass, and James Bradley Jr. on drums. This variant of Mangione’s band recorded and visited behind the hit studio collections Feels So Good and Fun and Games and the Children of Sanchez soundtrack. Some band individuals took an interest in the “Tarantella” advantage show in 1980.

The band was likewise highlighted with a 70-piece ensemble on the live collection An Evening of Magic, which was recorded at the Hollywood Bowl on July 16, 1978, at the tallness of Mangione’s prosperity from “Feels So Good”. Exhibitions of material new and old included variants of “Primary Squeeze”, “Slope Where the Lord Hides”, and “Pursue the Clouds Away”. Mangione opened and shut the show with “Feels So Good” and its “Repeat” rendition. “B’ Bye” highlighted a string game plan from Bill Reichenbach.

The horns were orchestrated by incessant teammate Jeff Tyzik, who likewise played trumpet in the horn area that night. Mangione played material from the just-discharged “Offspring of Sanchez” soundtrack collection, which made its West Coast show debut.

The liner notes from the collection depict the free for all wherein the exhibition was assembled. Incapable to set up in front of an audience the day preceding (The Los Angeles Philharmonic played the “1812 Overture” on July 15), Mangione and his team had just the day of the show to set up lights, sound and recording gear.

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He had just nine hours the day preceding to practice at A&M studios with the symphony’s artists and was always unable to go through the whole set rundown once completely. He and the band remained at a lodging up to the road from the Bowl to ensure they wouldn’t miss the exhibition because of growled traffic pouring in as showtime neared. All things considered, the show went off effortlessly.

Chuck Mangione, Biography, Age, Songs, Children, Net Worth, Lyrics
Chuck Mangione, Biography, Age, Songs, Children, Net Worth, Lyrics

Chuck Mangione Songs

The Jazz Brothers (Riverside, August 1960)
Hey Baby! (Riverside, March 1961)
Spring Fever (Riverside, November 1961)
Recuerdo (Jazzland, 1962)
Friends & Love…A Chuck Mangione Concert (Mercury, 1970)
Together: A New Chuck Mangione Concert (Mercury, 1971)
Chuck Mangione Quartet (Mercury, 1972)
Alive! (Mercury, 1972)
Land of Make Believe (Mercury, 1973)
Bellavia (A&M, 1975)
Chase the Clouds Away (A&M, 1975)
Encore (Mercury, 1975)
Main Squeeze (A&M, 1976)
Feels So Good (A&M, 1977)
An Evening of Magic, Live at the Hollywood Bowl (A&M, 1978)
Children of Sanchez (A&M, 1978)
Fun and Games (A&M, 1979)
Tarantella (A&M, 1980)
70 Miles Young (A&M, 1982)
Love Notes (Columbia, 1982)
Journey to a Rainbow (Columbia, 1983)
Disguise (Columbia, 1984)
Save Tonight for Me (Columbia, 1986)
Live at the Village Gate (Feels So Good, 1987)
Eyes of the Veiled Temptress (Columbia, 1988)
Encore: Mangione Concerts (Mercury, 1991)
Live at the Village Gate, Vol. 2 (Pro-Arte, 1995)
The Feeling’s Back (Chesky, 1999)
Everything for Love (Chesky, 2000)
Chuck Mangione’s Finest Hour (Verve, 2000)
Keep in Sight (Tidal, 2019)

Chuck Mangione Bellavia
Chuck Mangione Land Of Make Believe

Land of Make Believe is the eighth album by jazz artist Mangione. The title song is sung by Esther Satterfield. It also features Mangione’s older brother Gap Mangione and jazz trumpet player Jon Faddis.

Chuck Mangione, Biography, Age, Songs, Children, Net Worth, Lyrics
Chuck Mangione, Biography, Age, Songs, Children, Net Worth, Lyrics

Chuck Mangione Tarantella
Chuck Mangione Chase The Clouds Away

Chase the Clouds Away is the tenth album by jazz musician Mangione

Chuck Mangione Fun And Games

Fun and Games is a 1979 album recorded by the American flugelhorn player  Mangione, who released it on the A&M Records label. It included the song “Give It All You Got”, which ABC Sports used for the 1980 Winter Olympics, as well as a slower version of that song, “Give It All You Got, But Slowly”. The latter was also used during the ’80s as sign-off music for many American television stations.

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