Churches and Schools also close in 1918, stop misinterpreting lockdown – Sam Adeyemi

Churches and Schools also close in 1918, stop misinterpreting lockdown - Sam Adeyemi

Sam Adeyemi, the head of Daystar Christian Centre, has spoken about the different issues surrounding the shutting down of churches during coronavirus pandemic.

The cleric in an Instagram live video with Poju Oyemade, the senior pastor of The Covenant Nation, said that he had to study the 1918 pandemic called Spanish flu and how it affected everybody.

In answering a question from Oyemade on the way the situation can be handled by a leader, he said that the leader’s role is to give the right perspective.

“I went online, there was a pandemic 100 years ago, let me go and study it and check it out, because the interpretation that people are giving to this pandemic, they range from one extreme to the other,” he said.

Churches and Schools also close in 1918, stop misinterpreting lockdown - Sam Adeyemi

During the live interview, he laughingly said that there is a quarrel on social media presently which ranges from 5G to 10G and other issues.

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The pastor said that he had to buy a research material he saw online because he needed more knowledge on the 1918 pandemic.

“I found a research article by a history lecturer at the University at Birnin Kebbi. Beautiful research!

“I had to buy it. But I was happy buying it, because when I read it, it was amazing, it dug into the British archives, all the records that the colonial officers kept,” he said.

He said unlike today when air travel is the popular means of international transportation, sea travel was the one that spread influenza in 1918.

Some of the things Adeyemi said he got from the materials were the names, the dates of arrival and how the flu spread in the country.

“The ships that brought sick people into the Lagos port; I got the names, the dates they arrived, how it spread in Nigeria.

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“I’d tell you the one that I saw and almost screamed, they closed churches, they closed mosques, they shut down schools, they shut down markets. 1918. So, some of us now think it is the anti-christ that is at work, he does not want us to gather together and fellowship,” the pastor said.

The cleric said churches were also shut in 1918, saying people should be grateful to God that there is the internet which allows people to still meet irrespective of their locations.

He said having the right perspective as a leader is important to calm people and tell them life will continue after everything is over.

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