Daddy Freeze Reveals Why God Hasn’t Solved Nigeria’s Problems Despite The Prayers

Media personality Daddy Freeze has revealed why God hasn’t solved Nigeria’s problems despite the marathon of prayers and a lot of churches.

Daddy Freeze sharing his ideas on the ongoing situation in Nigeria and how Christians and religious people are praying day in day out to God but God isn’t solving any of the problems gave the necessary solution.

According to Daddy Freeze, if Christians and all believers like they should engrave a hashtag on their forehead or tattoo it on their lungs and liver but if they do not obey God’s commandment, He can not answer any of their prayers.

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Daddy Freeze then asked whether Nigerians have wondered why God hasn’t solved any of their problems despite all the daily marathon prayers and 5 churches per street and that is because for Him to solve the problems they have to obey His son.

Daddy Freeze then reminded us that in order for God to listen to our prayers we have to obey His son who gave us a commandment under the oath of God’s blood instructing us to love one another and putting the other person’s interest at hand.

Daddy Freeze then added that many pagan nations understand this principle hence are succeeding and until this instruction is adhered to, Nigeria would continue in this trend therefore it’s up to Nigerians to adhere to God’s instruction.

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Daddy Freeze Reveals Why God Hasn’t Solved Nigeria’s Problems Despite The Prayers
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