David Siegel Bio, Wife, Daughter, Versailles Mansion, Lawsuit and Net Worth

David Siegel Biography

Chicago native David Siegel is an American Businessman and founder of Westgate Resorts Ltd. The resort is based in Florida. Siegel is the president and CEO of the resort. He is the CEO of Central Florida Investments Inc and Resorts Management Inc.

He has other businesses including construction, hotel and apartment management, travel services and insurance. Siegel and his family were the main subjects of the documentary The Queen Of Versailles. He was also the owner of the Orlando Predators and Cocoa Beach Pier and the Las Vegas Hotel.

David Siegel Age

He was born in the year 1935 May 3. Subsequently, David is 84 years old in Chicago, Illinois. He was born as David Alan Siegel. His birth sign is Taurus.

David Siegel Education/Early Life

He spent his early childhood in the Bronx, New York and focused on computer science at a young age. By 12 years old, he had built memory and logic boards and learned to program a supercomputer at New York University’s Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences.

As a freshman in high school, he taught a programming course to high school students at an NYU summer program. After attending Mamaroneck High School, Siegel graduated from Princeton University with a degree in electrical engineering and computer science and he went on to receive a Ph.D. in computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

There, he conducted research at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and developed thermal and tactile sensors for the Utah-MIT dexterous four-fingered hand, as well as a computational architecture for controlling the system.

David Siegel Family

He was born in Chicago and grew up in Florida to a Jewish family. His parents Sadelle and Sid Siegel had a grocery business. They later moved to Miami. Siegel went to Miami Senior High School and then the University of Miami.

David Siegel Wife/Ex-wife

1961 March was when Siegel married his ex-wife Geraldine Florence Sanstrom and got 3 children from their marriage. They divorced and he later married his second wife Betty Tucker. The two moved from Miami to Orlando. In 1997 they also got divorced. He is currently married to his wife Jackie Siegel.

David Siegel Jackie Siegel

Jackie Siegel married Jackie Siegel back in1998. She married him when she had two kids from her previous relationships. Siegel is her senior with 30 years.


Siegel has a total of 11 children from all his three marriages with two adopted children. His children’s names are Victoria Siegel who died at age 18, Richard Siegel, Jonquil Siegel, Daniel Siegel, Steven Siegel, Drew Siegel, Susan Siegel, Debbie Siegel, Valerie, Jordan, and Quinto Williams.


On 2015 6th of June, 18-year-old Victoria Siegel, daughter to Siegel was found at their home Windermere dead. They announced that it was due to a drug overdose. It inspired Siegel to campaign against drug abuse.

David Siegel Salary

Mr.Davis earns an average salary from his career. Although he has not shared with the public the actual figure of his salary. This information will be updated as soon as he discloses his salary.

David Siegel Net Worth

As well as, Siegel has been able to garner an estimated net worth of  $500 million. He currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer and President of Westgate Resorts Ltd.

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David Siegel Career

Siegel is the founder of Westgate resorts Ltd which is a timeshare resort firm in Florida. He is also the CEO of Central Florida Investments and CFI Resort Management Inc. Siegal also owns other businesses like real estate, retail and hotel, and apartment management. In 2000, the businessman was a campaigner for George Bush.

He even went ahead to send an mail to his employees suggesting that they should vote for Republican candidate Mitt Romney or he might cut back on his company’s workforce. In 2015 Siegel’s raised his employees’ wages to $10 per hour.

David Siegel and Jackie Siegel the sole owners of the Versailles mansion and Westgate Resorts were the main subject of the documentary The Queen Of Versailles. Its a Film by Lauren Greenfield. It shows how the family tries to build the Versailles mansion considering the USA economy.

David Siegel Photo
David Siegel Photo

It also shows how Siegel struggles to get back the ownership of the PH Towers Westgate. On 22 November 2011, the property was sold to Resort Finance America LLC. David Siegel filed a lawsuit against the Sundance Institute and the filmmakers behind Queen Of Versailles.

This was because the film description was defamatory. The judge called Siegel’s testament not reliable. There was a second lawsuit against the filmmakers of the Queen of Versailles but it was also dismissed by the judge. The Film Queen of Versailles is an award-winning documentary.

Siegel is also the founder of Mystery funHouse. The house located in Orlando, Florida was opened in 1976 to 2001. The house developed and included different types of fun things like an arcade, a dinosaur-themed, mini-golf, and a laser tag facility. A movie was also filmed in the Mystery Fun House called the Night Terror.

David Siegel Body Measurements

Height: Not Available
Weight: Not Available
Shoe Size: Not Available
Body Shape: Not Available
Hair Colour: Grey

David Siegel Westgate

The building of the largest mansion in Central Florida — the Versailles property — has taken its time inching toward completion. For 15 years, the 90,000-square-foot property has been under construction — despite getting bogged down by the 2008 Great Recession — with no definitive timeline for completion.

The owners of the property, Westgate Resorts’ CEO David and his wife, Jackie, repeatedly have said the house was years away from completion, and the timeframe for when the family will move in remains unknown.

And it hasn’t been missed by billionaire timeshare king David Siegel, who yesterday described the construction progress to Orlando Business Journal with one word: Slowly. “It’s going slowly. I expect another year and a half or two years” before completion, he told OBJ.

That one- to a two-year timeline is something the Siegels have been working with for a couple of years now. It doesn’t help that the house gets caught up in minor construction-related hang-ups that slow down work. For example, Orange County Fire Rescue responded to a call for a fire on Jan. 17 at 6121 Kirkstone Lane in Windermere — the address of the 90,000-square-foot home. Siegel — the richest main in Orlando — told OBJ the fire was called by a welder spark hitting foam, but the fire caused no major damage.

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Versailles is designed to boast 14 bedrooms, 32 bathrooms, 11 kitchens, a movie theater, a roller rink, a bowling alley, a 30-car garage, three levels, two elevators — including one that is gold — and a slew of other amenities. The price of the property is estimated to exceed $30 million.

Versailles gained fame thanks to the “Queen of Versailles” film that focused on the Siegels building the home in the midst of the Great Recession in 2008, as well as appearing on Bravo’s ‘Flipping Out’ TV show last year.

Westgate Resorts is one of Orlando’s largest privately held firms, with $1.19 billion in revenue, and one of the region’s largest employers, with roughly 4,300 workers. The timeshare company boasts 28 themed destination resorts nationwide featuring more than 13,000 luxury villas and hotel rooms.

The company also is one of Central Florida’s most philanthropic firms. Most notably, in 2015 the Siegels took on a drug awareness mission, driven by the loss of their daughter, Victoria, at age 18 to a drug overdose. The mission is dedicated to implementing drug testing in schools and raising awareness about the issue.

David Siegel Lawsuit

Siegel was sued by his former employee at the Westgate Resort Dawn Meyers for sexual harassment in 2008. The court said that her claims took long to be filed and she might be able to file a case against Seigel. Moreover, She was rather compensated for battery under state law. $610,000 was rewarded to her.

David Siegel House

In 2017, Siegel and his family went for a tour of the Versailles mansion in Windermere. The house was still under construction and kept updating people on its development. The Versaille project was one of the most followed projects in 2017.

Siegel is the owner of the mansion Versailles . its an 85 000 square-foot house belonging to the businessman and his wife Jackie Siegel. The house is located in Windermere, Florida. It was named and modeled after France’s Palace of Versailles. The house is the main resident of the Siegel family. In addition, It’s one of the largest homes in the USA.

2019 January, it was reported that the big mansion Versaille caught fire on a Thursday afternoon. A small room in the mansion that was under construction caught fire. The house has iron beams that prevented anyone and the house itself from the fire.

Versailles Mansion Photo
Versailles Mansion Photo

David Siegel Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Siegel?

Siegel is an American Businessman and founder of Westgate Resorts Ltd.

How old is Siegel?

He is 84 years old as of 2019.

How tall is Siegel?

The famous businessman stands at a height that is currently.

Is Siegel married?

Siegel married Jackie Siegel back in1998. She married him when she had two kids from her previous relationships. Siegel is her senior with 30 years.

How much is Siegel worth?

He has an accomplished journalist with an estimated net worth of $ 500.

How much does Siegel make?

Although he has not shared with the public the actual figure of his salary. This information will be updated as soon as he discloses his salary.

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