Does Bella Poarch have a brother? TikTok star’s family life explored!

Does Bella Poarch have a brother? TikTok star’s family life explored!

Does Bella Poarch have any siblings? Her fans want to know whether she has any brothers or sisters – here’s her family life explored.

As a popular name in the TikTok world, Bella Poarch skyrocketed to social media fame in 2020 within a few months.

She boasts a fan base of millions of followers so it’s not a surprise that people often look on the internet to find information about her personal life.

A lot of her followers want to know details about her family and whether Bella has any brothers or sisters.

Does Bella Poarch have a brother?

  • Unconfirmed. She hasn’t revealed if she has a brother.

Bella is private about her family life and hasn’t confirmed whether she has any siblings.

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While she creates new content on TikTok nearly every day, she has kept her personal life away from the social media spotlight.

She launched her TikTok profile in April 2020 and since then has gained 71.1 million followers, a figure that keeps rising every day.

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Is the TikTok star adopted?

Yes, Bella was adopted.

In a previous TikTok video, the social media star took part in the ‘two truths and a lie’ tag, after being tagged by Addison Rae, and one of the truths confirmed that Bella was adopted.

The TikTok personality was born in the Philippines but it’s unclear at what age she was adopted. She reportedly moved to Hawaii at the age of 13 where she grew up with her family.

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She reportedly lived in Texas and Hawaii. Pop Buzz has reported that she currently resides in Los Angeles.

Her debut single

On May 14th, 2021, Bella released the music video of her much-anticipated debut song, ‘Build-A-B****’.

The song has received great reactions from fans and has over 133 million views on YouTube.

‘Build-A-B****’ has also secured its spot in several Spotify playlists such as ‘Viral Hits’, ‘Top 50 USA’ and ‘Top 50 United Kingdom’.

The song currently sits at 46th place on Spotify’s ‘Top 50 UK’ playlist and 28th spot on ‘Top 50 USA’.

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