Don’t ask any lady to marry until you can die for her – Nigerian photographer

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Nigerian photographer Demilader has advised men not to go into marriage until they are sure they can surmount the challenges that come with it. He said marriage is not a walk in the park.

In a post shared on his Instagram page, Demilader highlighted some of the weddings he has covered and why it is important for a couple to be set to face any challenges that come their way as they take the next step into settling down.

According to Demilader, the devil hits hard when people try to progress to the next level of their lives. And so for marriage, a couple need to be set to fight through thick and thin to stay together as obstacles and many challenges will come.

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Read his post below :

The thing is i’m never going to judge those couples that call it quits after months of marriage.

I mean, i’ve covered introductions that didn’t make the engagement and proposals that didn’t make the introduction. I’ve covered weddings that weren’t even real marriages by law.

The devil attacks with all guns blazing when you’re about to enter your next level of life. Career, relationships, what not. The devil will use anyone, everyone and everything to confuse you and stir up strife. Reason why Jesus said if a man isn’t mature in grace and spirit he should not marry.

It’s a crazy phase and all that can go wrong will go wrong just to test the union. Trust me…it’s not a walk in the park.

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I’ve seen a father slap the bribe and leave her to walk down the aisle alone and mothers disrupt ceremonies because they felt unimportant.
People will come with genuine intentions of good and to help but their input only causes more problems.

It’s now i understand why every single bride I’ve shot has said the words “this day just needs to end”. Yea it’s the happiest moment of your life but also the most trying.

I’m staying strong. But fellas, do not ask any woman to marry until you are sure you will die for her. Until you are sure you will give up everything for her. Until you are sure you will accept everything life throws at you. Because life will hit hard.

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The other day i ran into one of my oldest female friends who was also engaged. She asked how far with plans, I couldn’t lie to her. “Omo i just want to wake up the day after”. She chuckles as i ask about hers. “I called it off abeg, he wasn’t what I thought he was”. She said.

I gave that girl a high five because life is too short to be with a man who can’t handle pressure, manage and rebuke strife and be of peace to spread joy. Gentlemen, you will be tested. Don’t play yourself. Na kuku us dey ask for hand in marriage.

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