Elderly woman ties sex doll in a tree in china

Sex doll tree

This isn’t a joke. It’s a true story. Late last week a photo of a lady binding a sex doll to a tree appeared online.

Info was scant, but now reports out of China state that the woman, who lives in the city of Shangdong, was fed up with cars speeding through a pedestrian crossing. Figuring that something was needed to get drivers to slow down, the woman decided to tie a sex doll in lingerie to the tree—in front of her house.

And guess what? Traffic has slowed down considerably.

According to news source Record China, it’s pretty easy to acquire a sex doll in China (Record China says this is due to the high proportion of men compared to women) and pointed out that 18 cops recently fished one out of a river in the same city, confusing it with a real person. Here, however, a sex doll is using its powers for good! Not that the doll’s usual function isn’t for…oh, never mind.

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