Elisha Abbo: Feminist forum criticises Remi Tinubu over comments on senator Elisha Abbo 

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The Nigerian Feminist Forum (NFF) and other women’s rights groups have condemned recent comments made by Senator Oluremi Tinubu, during a meeting of an ad-hoc committee investigating an assault by Senator Elisha Abbo.

The Guardian reports that NFF made its position known in a statement by Chiwendu Esther. understands that the committee invited senator Abbo for the purpose of finding out what transpired between her and the lady he allegedly assaulted in Abuja. 

During the meeting, Senator Abbo and Senator Tinubu got into a heated argument, which triggered the following statement by the latter:

“…You don’t come to on the other side and start dictating to us. Do you want us to protect you, or do you want us to defend you or you want to be on your own?”

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The statement by NFF read: “We wish to commend the Senate on the ad-hoc panel set up to investigate the assault of a woman by Senator Ishaku Elisha Abbo.

“However, in a now viral video from Abbo’s hearing with this panel, Oluremi Tinubu can be heard saying “do you want us to protect you? Or do you want us to defend you? Or do you want to be on your own?

“This statement implies that the Senate may be willing to protect and defend a man who was caught on video physically assaulting an innocent woman.”

The forum said if Abbo is absolved of any wrongdoing, it will let Nigerians know that people in power are above the law, and will enjoy impunity irrespective of any crime they commit.

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