Father Mbaka: I will Resign If My New Prophecy Fails For President Buhari On March 30th

Father Mbaka

Father Mbaka Who is a well know influencial and strong Catholic priest has taken to the internet and has made a very strong declaration as regards to President Buhari. This time around he has said that his will resign if his prophecy about President Buhari does not come to pass before the 30thof this Month.

The priest has been been popular on the internet over the bet he had taken on the Imo state Governor Election that led to the resigning and sacking of the ex Governor Emeka Ihedioha whose sit was taken from by his opposing party APC in the person Of the present Governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodimma.

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After the prophecy as regards to Imo state, people started believing in the Catholic Priest’s Prophecies and has really given him the respect as a true man of God, not just called but also Elected by God himself.

Back to President Muhammadu Buhari, he has said..

“I will Resign if my new Prophecy Fails for President Buhari before the passing of March 30th”

The priest has won alot of bets and has taken the earned respect to himself and his True God.

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45 thoughts on “Father Mbaka: I will Resign If My New Prophecy Fails For President Buhari On March 30th

  1. y is the blogger this days always beating around the bush. after all blabla the prophecy is still holding iron, even when he said back to buhari ,no meaningful something
    can out

  2. Are you keeping us at the edge of our seats? After much babbling you never said anything concerning the prophecy. Let it be known to you that demon also give prophecy. Prediction t

    1. Oga u sure say u know the prophecy?
      You sure say Na the type wey go favor you?
      This one wey you don already say Amen!!!
      Lolz, it’s actually a thing of laughter, many people just wanna be a blogger this days, therefore some end up displaying stupidity. Have seen quite a number of this on the Internet.

  3. Oh may you be praise forever
    You are God of Elijah
    You are God of Isaac
    You are God of Jacob
    You are The Consuming Fire🔥hebrew 12v29
    You are God of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria
    You are God Rev.Fr.Mbaka Amen………..
    I believe it will come to pass.

    1. Common sense is not common shey you know??
      Idiot so after your blablablabla…. So u can’t stand out and announce the prophecy… Madness..

  4. @Tunde ednut: are u sure u have a degree? This you just did now is absolute nonsense because eventually no information was passed. What is the prophecy about buhari? Go back to school and learn how to write proper news.

  5. Common sense is not common shey you know??
    Idiot so after your blablablabla…. The prophecy is yet to announce… Madness..

  6. This guy, you are a fool just to gain someone attention you are giving meaningless information. What is his prophecy nobody know and why did you drive us here? Stupid guy

  7. Is this one a comment made by father mbaka or some kind of fairytale put together by coconut head blogger. How can u publish an incomplete prophecy over somebody. it is like a vehicle moving without direction.

  8. Let him prophesy for the clueless leaders to repent and turn to their Senses for the development of Nigeria.

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