Female teacher shares crazy story of what one of her male student did to her

Female teacher shares crazy story of what one of her male student did to her

Nowadays it is very difficult for a guy not to look twice at a lady with a huge and curvy backside. Their body stature often makes men go crazy and this is what happened between a female teacher and her student.

The female teacher identified as Dorrin took to Twitter to recount how her male students professed love to her. In her narration, the student professed love to her after she became very close to the student.

Read the full story below:

So there was one time I was teaching at a Sec school in Benue and one of my students had professed love to me, I kind off had some fault in this I think I unknowingly led him towards falling for me, at that time we lived just in the same area and I was fond of him

a brilliant boy and also cute too, I sometimes called him fine girl, he had this female kind of face, we were close and at times I send him to my house to get things for me and when its Saturday he occasionally visited and even watched movies, I saw him as a younger brother

But I was shocked when he sent a text professing love for me with a hidden number, I got to discover the text was from him through how shy he was to look at my face the next day, after some threat he had confessed and was apologizing. I cautioned him and let the matter go.

Really I was disappointed, but I guess a man will always be a man no matter how young, we should be careful about the male folks we keep, 90 per cent the time they don’t want to be just friends

Another Twitter user who replied her tweet revealed that it’s because she has an amazing body

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Permit me to say that with a body like yours, it’s almost impossible not to be captivated. Your intention no doubt was genuine and without recourse but it will amaze to know that even your own brothers probably feel the same way as the young man without you noticing.

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