Former BBNaija winner Efe Shares His Opinion On Why Musicians Find it Hard to Shine After BBNaija

Former BBNaija wizkid Efe Shares His Opinion On Why Musicians Find it Hard to Shine After BBNaija

Being a musician who went to the Big Brother Nigeria reality show to lean on a springboard that will advance his music career, Efe has shared his perspective on how it’s difficult to thrive after the show.

He was reacting to how he thinks Laycon who also happens to be a musician would fare in the industry after he won the last edition of the popular reality show, just like he (Efe) also did in the second edition of the show.

Apparently, he also threw in his two cents when asked during an interview on TVC, “What are your thoughts on people going to Big Brother Naija to push their works. Do you think it’s a good idea to come out singing or do you think it’s better to take up acting or some other thing?”

Efe responded saying:

Okay let me break it down for you like this. Big Brother is a lifestyle brand, it’s a lifestyle audience. So the mistake most of us as artistes make is to think that when we go there, you’ll be able to get your music heard to these lifestyle guys.

These lifestyle guys, they don’t care about your music. They just want to see you dress, travel out, date who you want to date, cause fracas and chaos on social media. You be a proper entertainment tool to them but not the other way, they consuming your music.

To come out and think you can easily convert these guys to love your music, they don’t care about your music. They only care about the top three or four popping artistes because those ones their music is already merged with their lifestyle cuz the music has been successful, so now if they give you lifestyle, it’s key.

So that’s the mistakes most of we artistes do. When you come out, you’re now facing a new challenge – how to balance the lifestyle that they want to see and the music. But they are more interested in the lifestyle because they only see you competition as the fellow housemates while you being an artiste, you know your competition is with the music artistes.

So you’re keying into ‘oh I want to be in the studio, I want to record, I don’t have time to give these people lifestyle, I don’t have that time’ – it pisses them off, they begin to judge you as a failure. You get the concept.

So I’ll just say that as an artiste, if you want to go in there, just go in there because maybe it’s going to uplift your level. I’m not bashing it, it actually changed my life. But music wise, it more or less is where I stopped is where I’m picking from.

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