Fundy apologizes after Twitch stream: Here’s what happened


Minecraft YouTuber Fundy has landed himself in hot water for some of his comments. Here’s a look at the Twitter drama and how he was canceled. Fundy has now apologized for what he said on Twitch.

In his latest stream, Fundy said few things that many thought was inappropriate. It was only a matter of seconds that the streamer started trending on Twitter. People were quick to cancel him while others waited for an apology from him. Even though Fundy has apologized, there are a few who are not happy with it.

Why was Fundy cancelled?

Fundy was cancelled after people thought he had made an inappropriate joke about sexual misconduct during his latest stream. Quiplash has become famous among streamers as it allows them to put on their goofy hats and joke around. In the end, the viewers are allowed to vote for the answer that they thought was the funniest.

While it might seem unharmful, Fundy was called out for some of his jokes. There were two that stood out. One of them was: What you never want to hear after the words: ‘Don’t worry…’”, which Fundy completed with, “the drugs will make her forget.”

Another one was: “Want a lasting relationship? Make sure you don’t hit her.” Fundy acknowledged these in his apology video after fans cancelled him on Twitter.

Fundy apology explored

After Twitter users started reacting to his comment, Fundy decided to post an apology video on his Twitch profile. The streamer accepted he was wrong to phrase those words. “It was not the right thing to say at all, and I am sorry about it,” he said.

As for his comment on the relationship, Fundy explained, “the reason I went with it was because of don’t. I don’t want to sugarcoat this. It is a mistake. I did the wrong thing, and I fully understand. I don’t want to be the victim around here because I was the one who typed it. It was a mistake. I can fully see that.”

He continued, “for people who were related to assault or anything in those lines, I am sorry. That is never what I meant. I never mean to hurt anyone in the chat. I never mean for it to hit you in a way that it hurts. I care about you guys a lot. I messed up. I simply messed up and I was f**king stupid. I am sorry for that.” You can watch his full apology video below.
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