“God Why Are You So Wicked To Me?”- Woman Cries Out After Losing Her Entire Family Members

A Nigerian woman has narrated the heartbreaking story of how she lost her twin sisters following a car crash.

The woman known as Kike Ayomide Anuoluwapo who is a fitness trainer disclosed that she had lost her father, mother, and elder brother.

According to her, her sisters who are identical twins who were traveling from Lagos to Abuja perished after their car got involved in an accident leaving her alone in the world, and asked God why he is wicked to her.

Mourning her sisters after their funeral, Kike cried out that her life is totally ruined and was curious to know what crime or wrong she has done to warrant this calamity.

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Captured on Theinfong.com, Kiki Ayomide wrote;

“My life is totally ruined. God is so hard on me. My twin kid sisters are dead. I can never recover from this. Two sisters at the same time. Twin sisters. All I ever had left died in a ghastly motor accident when going back to Lagos.

Why me again o Lord? When did you still take away our mom. You made us orphans and now my twin sisters. Why did you just decide to put me in agony and pain. When you you will be k!lling us like a reared animal then why did you create us.

We fought through hell to survive after the loss of our entire family members. What exactly did we do to you?”, She lamented.

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