Good morning sex :The benefits of sex in the morning

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There is no better way to start the day than a little exercise in bed. In a nutshell, morning sex is a better form of work out than walking.

Indulging in regular sex first thing in the morning, can make one look seven years younger through the release of endorphins which make you feel good. Expert, David Weeks surveyed men and women about their sexual lives, by discovering that those who look younger than their age, said they had sex more than the rest, which is equivalent to three times a week instead of two.

Morning sex

This is as a result of the sexual practice which causes the release of human growth hormone that could make the skin look more elastic among other things.

It could be rightly said that morning sex is our primal nature, in time past. Do you know what our fore fathers did right every morning after waking up from sleep? They got it on by copulating with their spouses because, there was possibility that the men could be killed while out hunting. So, they got the baby-making out of the way first in the morning. Not only will the benefits of morning sex place a constant smirk on your face for the rest of the day, it will will help you kick start your day in the most natural way.

Morning sex

A lot of couples usually depend on a hot cup of coffee before passing as a complete functioning human being in the morning. Loving making in the morning is a lot healthier; getting addicted to bright and early habit as you to stay in bed for it. Science has found out, that early morning sex is good for one’s mood, immune system, and also makes you stronger and beautiful.

In addition, it gives you the type of adrenaline high that not even a double-shot of espresso can replicate. Let’s take a look at reasons we should really skip the coffee for a sexual bang. With morning intercourse, you can bet you will never wake up on the wrong side of the bEaely

It is not far fetch that morning sex has quite a number of advantages than coffee. Actually, according to Women’s Health magazine, having sex in the very early hours of the day boost the immune system by increasing an antibody that helps fight off infections. Plus, early morning orgasms releases chemicals that raise the levels of estrogen, which makes your skin look healthier and your hair shinier.

Morning quickies can also serve the same purpose of getting you going for the day. It does not have to be a dull weekend for you to have great intercourse,n as it offers crucial opportunities to spend more time with loved ones and relax by exploring similar sexual interests. This can be repeated during rushed or hectic workdays most especially, as it can be heart- pounding, spontaneous passion experience that will get you more alert than any brand of coffee.

This can become your clock reminder as it gives you a good reason to wake up early. Normally, just the sound of the alarm puts couples in a bad mood which is not a pleasant way of starting the day. Let’s face it, getting to go to work sucks; but getting up to get off, is the ultimate motivation for the day for anybody.

Copulating in the morning boost your brain power. Sex makes you smarter says Science. It really encourages the growth of brain cells in part of the brain responsible for memory and learning. It is fundamentally true that partners in new relationships have their intimate alertness boost by sex.

Morning sex

That you wake up early does not mean sex has to take place on the bed. You can always consider jumping in to the shower together with your spouse for a steamy shower love making. Not only with it offers all the emotional and physical benefits, sit helps conserve water.

You really do not need the above reasons, there is a tip on how to make it a habit for those missing out. Get to wake up before your significant other, allow your body and sleepy voice be the first thing that touch his/ her ears instead of the alarm clock sound, I bet you this will serve as a better nerve arouser than caffeine.

On a lighter note, you can feel free to include both; sex and coffee but I will prefer you start with SEX.

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