Grey hair is not a sign of wealth, it is a sign of stress – Twitter user says

Grey hair

There are myths and there are facts. However, some assumptions have been so widely believed that many people now take them as fact.

A Nigerian man identified as Aproko Doctor on Twitter has taken to the microblogging site to share his opinion on the popular myth about grey hairs.

In Nigeria, a number of people believe that when a young person has grey hairs, it is a sign of impending wealth if not that they are already rich.

Well, Aproko has explained on his Twitter page that this belief is false. According to him, having grey hairs is a sign of stress and that the stress is damaging one’s cells.

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A number of people took to the comment section to share their opinion about Aproko’s tweet. Some people disagreed with his opinion that it is a sign of stress while others said that having grey hairs can be as a result of genetics gotten from parents.

Read some comments below:

Frankie said: “If it’s stress, trust me half of Lagosians would have gotten white hair by now.”

Chilaka tweeted: “When and how thoroughly your hair turns gray is influenced mostly by the genes you inherit from your parents”

Oluwadamilola had a question to ask. She wrote: “Doc, does this mean I’ve been stressed right from primary school? I’m asking cuz I’ve had white hair since I was in Primary 6..”

Mohammed Aregbe wrote: “If na only stress, Prof. W Soyinka for don go since..He hasn’t any black hair..All grey..”

Ezza Prince wrote: “A Harvard Research suggests the long held stress-grey hair association is not true. Stress however predisposes to telogen effluvium which is a type of transient hair loss.”

See more comments below:

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