‘He Professes His Love to Me More Than 10x A Day’ – Lady On Why She Dumped Her Boyfriend

A Nigerian lady has revealed why she broke up with her boyfriend whom she described as almost perfect.

In her view, the guy was just too perfect for her licking as she wants elements of ‘violence’ from him but that wasn’t forthcoming. The unidentified lady asserted that her boyfriend was too kind and soft to a fault.

She also recounted how this guy cries like a baby after sex and professes his love for her over ten times a day- something she found overbearing. Can you imagine that? Check out the screenshot below for all that she said.

In other news, Miss Mary Daniels has told reporters that she hopes her grass to grace story- which was made possible by dint of hard work, will inspire others in her condition to aspire for greatness.

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Having caught the eyes of the internet community including Nigerian politicians, Mary is on her way to becoming a millionaire after well-meaning Nigerians overwhelmed her with cash donations and other assistance in various forms after she went viral whilst selling bottled water in traffic in Lagos.

Mary turned 27 on April 23 during which she spoke about everything going on in her life right about now. She revealed she’s set to establish a supermarket with donations she received from within and outside Nigeria. “I feel happy today,” Mary said during her birthday.

Speaking further, Mary said; “I didn’t celebrate my birthday last year. I am grateful to God for what He has done in my life. I never thought I would mark my birthday in a big way like this.

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“People who know me before now have been calling me and making kind remarks about me. They said I have changed for good and they can hardly recognise me again.”

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