He Will Kill Me With His HUGE ‘Manh00d’’- Lady Reveals Why She Can’t Marry Her Boyfriend [VIDEO]

He Will Kill Me With His HUGE ‘Manh00d’’- Lady Reveals Why He Can’t Her Boyfriend [VIDEO]

A Ghanaian lady rejected her boyfriend’s marriage proposal due to the size of her manhood.

The lady known as Nana Adwoa revealed on radio during a conversation with a presenter that her boyfriend’s manhood is very huge and can’t cope with during their marriage.

According to Nana Adwo, she met her boyfriend called Emma through a friend who gave her number to him and they had been talking on phone for some time before they eventually met. She admitted that the guy is her spec as but after discovering how monstrous his d!ck is, she can no longer continue their relationship therefore his intention to get married to her will not happen.

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Nana Adwo lamented that she struggles anytime she has an encounter with him in bed because her boyfriend’s d!ck hurts her during penetration.

In another story, an unidentified married woman has narrated how she cheated on her husband before their wedding and how she is still unfaithful to her husband even the marriage.

The lady revealed that she and husband took a decision to celibate before marriage and two weeks before they got married she slept with a random friend and according to her, the experience was mind-blowing.

She said in a post shared on social media that although she enjoyed herself, she really regretted it and hoped that will not happen again but it turned out to be the opposite as she knacked the man several times after their wedding and it has become a routine for them.

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She went ahead to disclose how the man called her to meet him a day after the wedding for her wedding present. He slept with her again and gave her $500 dollars.

He Will Kill Me With His HUGE ‘Manh00d’’- Lady Reveals Why He Can’t Her Boyfriend [VIDEO]

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