Heart melting romantic good morning message for wife

Heart melting romantic good morning message for wife

Love is an emotion and attraction that gives power to mankind, there are numerous ways to express the love, sending sweet and romantic good morning love messages is one of them that can change the entire day. However, if your wife is your life and you want to make her smile with good thoughts then we are providing 50 romantic and heart-touching good morning messages that can change the mood of your partner. Find these amazing good morning love message in below.

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For a married couple, every day is a special day to love, to take care to strengthen their relationship because they promised to love each other till to their last breath. Though you might have a busy life, you should find some free time for your wife because she is very special in your life and deserves some romantic words from you. I assure you will find such kind of romantic love message for your wife from the below post!

Top 50 sweet good morning love picture message for wife

Welcome a new day of your life with good thought and smile. Make the morningspecial by sending lovely good morning message to the lovely and special person in your life. In other words, a sweet morning message can change the mood of your special one, here is the list of romantic good morning SMS for the wife. Give the feeling of real love and happiness to your wife and be a unique husband in the world by sending a simple good morning love SMS.

#1. “Our marriage is the best proof of TRUE LOVE and you are the best proof of PERFECT WIFE is not false. Good morning.”

This message indicats the strong relationship between husband and wife and this message is best suitable when having breakfast together. A husband can deliver his love towards his wife by texting this good morning love messages for her.

#2. “I always feel thankful for two beautiful things- one is my life and another is my wife. Good morning sweetheart.”

Take the chance to make your wife feel that she is the most beautiful woman and special. Communicate your feelings with this message.

#3. “Our marriage gives me a reason to succeed, a reason to face challenges, a reason to work harder, a reason to smile and a reason to alive. Good morning my love.”

You can send this message when you are feeling your wife is everything for you and you are so lucky because you have such a motivated wife.

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These special good morning messages to my love, she is not only my love but my life.

#4. “Although we are busy in the morning, I want to take a moment to tell you that when I open my eyes to see your face that means a lot to me.”

Say this lovely message when you are getting up from the bed.

#5. “My life is extraordinary only because of you. Good morning baby.”

When you are feeling that your wife’s presence is so important to you, send this text to her she will feel proud and happy.

#6. When I wake up and see your romantic eyes, I forget everything and get power to face every challenges of my life. Good morning my cutie.”

When you are in the romantic mood, at that time express the beauty of your wife to make her happy.

#7. “Every morning I only take 2 seconds to think about you but the smile that you put on my face lasts throughout the day. Your smile is my inspiration, your voice is my motivation and your love is my happiness. I love you, sweetheart, good morning!”

Share your love and thought towards your love in the morning by sending this beautiful message.

#8. “I do not care whether it is a day or night because my beautiful wife is always in my sight. Good morning.”

A wife is really special for every husband so, send this message to feel loved by her.

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When you are together and feeling proud to have a lovely life partner, who is so lovable and caring; share this message to strengthen your relationship.

There is something special about morning messages that will make her smile

#9. “I cannot believe that you are not with me because my feelings are always with you. Good morning baby.”

When your wife is not with you but you are missing her a lot at that time, just drop this early morning love message to her.

#10. “Do you know when I wake up every day and feel that you are mine and I am yours that time I feel amazing! Good morning, love you.”

Make your morning more special by sharing this feeling with your lovely wife.

#11. “When you wake up in the morning, you look so pretty and your smile just wow! That makes me to say, my pretty wife, you are my life. Good morning.”

Impress and put a smile on your wife’s face by this wonderful sweet morning message.

Everyone feels amazing by spending time with his special one so, send her this to make her happy and share your own feelings.

#12.”Morning will come and go every day but I am always with my baby, i hope you know. Good morning, have a great day.”

This message will give assurance to your wife that you are always with her in any situation.

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Surely there are some beautiful memories you have and you should be thankful for her because she has helped you a lot to create such beautiful moments.

#13. “I do not care about my morning coffee because I share everything with you and that is my favorite coffee. Good morning my love.”

Saying just thank you feels too bland, so instead of thanking her, you use this beautiful message to your wife. That will create a unique feeling.

#14. “My love is not blind but I am blinded by your sheer beauty. Good morning dear.”

If you are feeling amazing and wonderful by her presence then share this lovely good morning message for her.

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#15.“If my life will be a business then the most profitable decision is entering into an unconditional partnership with you! Good morning, I love you.”

If you have got a hard worker, lovable and caring wife who does everything to ensure you are fine then this is the most suitable romantic good morning message for her.

#16. “I am sure that you are always there to love me back irrespective of any situation. That is the biggest security for me. Good morning my darling.”

This is a word of appreciation; she would love it!

Fantastic words to share with your love with sweet memories.

#17.“It is very easy for me to say that I love you to death, but I really want to spend my whole life with you, my love!”

This is a nice way to say that your love for her is true and you want to stay with your wife forever and ever.

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#18. “Your flirty and beautiful eyes makes me feel that the most amazing girl with me! Good morning darling!”

Perfect morning love SMS for the wife to share in the morning to appreciate her beauty.

#19. “I not only love living life with you but also live life for loving you.”

When the purpose of life becomes living just to be with her, then this is the perfect thing that you should say to your wife.

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This is really a great message to tell her when nothing is comparable with her

#20. “Since I married you, I am unable to put LOVE in a sentence without YOU in it. I love you dear!”

If she is a summary of all the love that you have got in your life then this is what you should share with your wife.

#21. “I have seen a million people in my life but the only and only person that I always think about is you! Good morning baby.”

This is a romantic good morning text for the wife because she is the most important person in your life. This message is more suitable to express your emotions, love, affection and gratitude towards your wife.

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#22. “I want to be at your side forever because you are so special for me. Good morning.”

The lovely good morning love messages for lovers that will make them feel special.

#23. “Happiness means you! Beyond you, there is nothing I can see, good morning and love you darling.”

Nice words to express that she is the best choice of yours.

#24. “Just a love poem is not sufficient for you; I have to write a whole epic of love for you my dear wife.”

Another way to express that you are made for each other

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#25. “Two things I have stolen in my life, which I never return back. One is your HEART, and the other is your last NAME!”

Express your love creatively by sending this romantic good morning messages.

#26. “People wait for the air to express their love by having candle light dinner and roses by their side, but for me, love is the 24*7 as long as you are by my side.”

When you are planning for an outing to spend special time with each other, this is the suitable message.

74 good morning texts for her

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#27. “You are so lovable, humble, caring and the best life partner that I could ask is only you! Thanks for entering into my life.”

Wonderful love good morning message for her to communicate your feelings.

#28. “You are my power that makes me strong to face all the challenges of my life.”

#29. “Biggest achievement of my life is you, I have got an awesome woman like you every day. Good morning, I love you.”

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This wonderful sweet morning message will make your wife understand that she is important to you and as a life partner you trust her.

#30. “You are a warm cup of coffee on a rainy morning, soft blanket in the cold night; you are all of the love, passion, and comfort of my life.”

This romantic good morning SMS enhances the essence of love and romance in the relationship.

#31. “My life’s best decision- marrying the most beautiful woman in the world. Good morning sweetie”.

#32. “I know I will see you every day at night but I cannot stop myself to missing you the entire day!”

This is the story of every working couple.

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To express the love and emotion towards your wife, send this message.

#33. “All that I love is you. I live entire life for loving you. Good morning, have a beautiful day.”

Send this sweet good morning message to her to put a smile on her face and increase the love towards you.

#34. “To love is nothing, to be loved is something…to love and be loved in return is everything. Good morning dear.”

Share your care and appreciation for your wife by sending this message.

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#35. “Every day I wake up and choose to be happy, the reason is you. Good morning my love!”

Amazing words you can convey that you both are special and make a wonderful team with each other.

#36. “Sun rises in the east every day, but for me, it rises right next to me in my bed. Good morning my sunshine.”

Say this good morning love messages to her just to make her day, her month, her year, her life worth living.

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#37. “When u entered into my life, I came to know the real happiness. You are my love; you are the most beautiful girl in the world. I promise you that I will give all my love to you.”

If you are a newly married couple and your wife is everything; share this sweet morning messages to her.

#38. “My heart always required you as its life; I always wanted you as my wife. Good morning, dear!”

If life feels wonderful by her amazing presence, then share it to give smile on her face.

Beautiful Good Morning Quotes pictures

Sweet good morning quotes for him

There is no better way to start of a day than with some good morning messages from your loved one. It just sets the mood for the whole day. Many people take for granted the power that these good morning messages can have in a person. Not only does it show that they are thinking of you but it also shows effortless appreciation. This little effort can really mean a lot and can go a long way in cementing your relationship. Just think of all the good things your partner has done for you. Most probably it is the small things that count.

Beautiful Good Morning Quotes photo

You have just entered into a relationship recently and are thinking of the perfect way to spark off feelings without scaring him off; well a lovely good morning message is sure to make him think of you. It does not necessarily have to be the length of the words, but the morning love text should be simple sentences full of sincere emotions. Starting off a day on a high note is a blessing especially if you have a hectic schedule planned ahead of you.

Sweet morning message

We have compiled a list of some of the best good morning message that will make your loved one feel special. Just ensure you forward the early morning love message and it is the first notification on their phone when they wake up. The list contains different messages from inspiration to love.

Beautiful Good Morning Quotes Pinterest Pictures

Good morning wishes and images with quotes

  • #39. “Hope I am the first person today to wish you a warm and wealthy morning to make your day so special. Sincerely have a great day ahead. Good morning”

Not only will you be waking them up to a text that will light up their day but you will also be giving the m courage to face the day with a lot of energy and motivation. This is best delivered when you notice that he has been having a lot of stressful nights before and you want to get his mojo back at work.

  • #40. “Good morning love, hope you day will be sweet as your love”

This is a trick that not only shows how caring you are but also passing a compliment at the same time. It is like a remainder and appreciation of his love for you and expressing how much you enjoy. You can write it down on paper and stick it on your pillow so that it’s the first thing they see when they wake up.

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  • #41. “Good morning! Really psyched up to see the love of my love today”

This is better planned in case you have plans for the day together. It is also an ingenious way of knowing whether they remembered that you had made plans for the day. In case you are planning on going on a date, it is a motivation enhancer on their part and lets them know how much you are anticipating for the event.

Cute good morning messages

  • #42. “It won’t be a good day until I tell my love good morning”

This can be used at any time and at any point in the relationship. It shows that you are also being blessed by the exchange of the good morning sweet message. You can slip it in into the bed while they are fast asleep. Or simply forward the message and make sure it is the first notification of the day that they will see.

  • #43. “I know it is a good morning but it will be much better if I get you see you personally”

This good morning SMS to my love may seem a bit negative but it shows the importance of their presence in your life. The memories that you had previously can also be added to the mix in order to make the message more personal. This can also give them the motivation to see each other or even make impromptu plans.

  • #44. “I wish it was me cuddling next to you in bed whispering good morning to you instead of texting”

Long distance relationships are a hard nut to crack sometimes. It takes constant conversation to light up the mood and maintain the tempo of the relationship. In case you are in this situation, send this beautiful good morning message. This will make him reminisce of all the moments you had cuddling in bed and make them miss you even more.

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  • #45. “My mornings are better spent with your arms wrapped around me”

In case you had a sleep over but due to unplanned circumstances you had to leave, you can leave this message as a note before they wake up. It basically states that your day is better off started by lying next to them in bed. It can also act as an apology for leaving early before they woke up as leaving without it will make you look rude.

  • #46. “Good morning my love, I wish you a wonderful day as you as you go to work today”

Motivation is an important aspect when it comes to a relationship. It is always about encouraging each other and being a pillar of support especially when they are experiencing new levels in their lives. This sort of encouragement is what many guys in relationships crave for. Go a step further can show your concern and unconditional support.

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  • #47. “Make this day one to remember love”

This inspirational good morning message is perfect especially when he has a big presentation to offer at his work. Or when he has been really working hard and has finally landed an interview for his dream job. Receiving this message from him can be a morale booster and goes a long way in giving him the confidence he needs to clinch the job.

#48. “Rise and shine sleepy head. Come to the kitchen I have a treat for you”

There is nothing more fulfilling in life than waking up to the smell of morning breakfast. It is an important tool in making your man fall even harder for you. You can choose the alternative of breakfast in bed which is also another ideal and romantic move to kickstart your morning. You can just cuddle and think of your future plans in life.

Long good morning message to my love

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  • #49. “As the sun comes up, I tank God I have another chance to see the love of my life. You are truly the reason for my living. You came into my life and changed everything. I hope you have a prosperous day. Remember there is someone at home who will be waiting for you”.
  • #50. “Waking up makes up the most favorite and worst part of my day. Favorite seen it means I get the chance to see your handsome face and worst since it means my dreams of me and you are cut short. Have a wonderful day love”.
  • #51. “As the rays of sun hit my face, I am reminded that each morning our love grows stronger and deeper. I would give up the whole world and everything in it just to feel this moment every day.”
  • #52. “Hey love. I know the couple of days have been hectic and stressful for you. I really appreciate the effort you put in just to make sure that I am well sorted. Just want to let you know that I don not take it for granted. Here is a picture of us to give you energy as you go to work”
  • #53. “They with each morning comes a new day, but with each morning to me comes a chance to see that pretty face lying next to me. You are the one I have been looking for all my life. Hope you never forget that”.
  • #53. “Every time I see the sun coming up I get sad since it means I have to see you leave for work, but every time the sun goes down it gets me happy since it means I get the chance to see you again”.
  • #55. “I used to be the type that would just lay in bed for the early part of the morning, now I just can’t wait to kick the bedsheets and see that handsome face as you wake. I know we have been having issues but let this morning be a new start to our relationship”
  • #56. “As the birds of the sky sing in unison to the break of a new day, my heart beats in a tune also to the sight of your face lying next to me in bed. I wish we had all the time in the world just to lay next to each other in bed. But I know a day is coming”.

Morning love SMS

  • #57. “My head in your chest, sweet music of the birds in the background, the smell of the morning dew, what else could a woman ask for in life. Thanks for being a blessing in my life. You are the one in a million and I will never let you go”.

You probably start off the day waking up to the sight of each other. Cuddling is the best form of affection that was invented in this world. So, remember each morning each other to renew that affection. You can stick the note besides their bed so that it is the first thing they see when they wake up.

  • #58. “Just had the worst day of my life. I woke up in the middle of the night to find out that you were not in bed with me. The thoughts of you in my dreams keep me up awake. I know this long-distance thing is hard, but just hold on because within a while I will right there with you”

Some times you have to travel and leave each other at home. It is quite hard to sleep without the presence of the other. So, take your time to pen down your experience sleeping alone and much you miss them. You can add a memory you wish you could be both be doing to keep the flames burning.

  • #59. “Today is a gift. You are the present. Since we cannot go back to yesterday to make it perfect, but we can hold on to each other today and make it lasting. Love you to the ends of this world.”

With each day there is an opportunity to make our future better than our past. We should cease this moment and forget about the past problems as we focus on creating more opportunities for the future.

  • #60. “Each time I strive to wake up early just to see you fall asleep. And each time you open your eyes they feel like the light of the world. It looks like a dark could has just lifted and the world has seen the light again.”

The little things we do in life to our love can bring us the best sensation that cannot be joy in the world. Revealing to our loved ones the little things that make us happy about them can be the perfect message to lighten up their day.

  • #61. “Even if the day would start with the clouds heavy with rain, just the sight of your smile would be enough to light up my world. Keep doing what you are doing. Lighting my path in life even in the sight of glooming darkness”.

You can never know the impact you have on the life of someone until they tell it to your ace. Do not assume that since you are together it is their responsibility to know. Be proactive and take a step to show them what they really do in your life.

  • #62. “My friends were arguing that which between cappuccino, latte or mocha is the best coffee in the morning. When they asked me, I just smiled ad looked backed and said that you are my favorite cup of coffee in the morning”

This is a sweet good morning message for my love that will instantly melt their hearts away. Simplicity is the mother all things. Just try to be simple and se the effects it has on your relationship.

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