Here are 4 states that rejected federal government order to reopen churches

114 COVID-19 Patients Healed In Winners Chapel – Bishop David Oyedepo

Contrary to the pleasant expectation ushered in with the ban lift on religious centres nationwide, the hope of worshippers in some states will be blighted as some governors restrained the ban previously imposed due to Covid-19.

The federal government had imposed a ban on social gathering and open worship as parts of the concentrated efforts channelled towards curbing the spread of Covid-19 across states.

But following the submission of the presidential task force on Covid-19, government at the central announced the relaxation on the ban on religious gatherings in the country effective from Monday, June 1.

Interestingly, PTF said the decision was reached based on the guidelines and protocols agreed upon by state governments in lines with the protocols of NCDC.

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In a subsequent effort, some state governments including Lagos have announced that religious centres in the country still remain under lock and key as Covid-19 took a danger-filled swipe at 35 states.

Nigeria presently has 10,819 cases of coronavirus with impressive 3,239 recoveries and 314 fatalities.

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