Here is what PASTOR CHRIS said about CoronaVirus

Here is what PASTOR CHRIS said about CoronaVirus

The President of LoveWorld Inc., a dynamic, multifaceted, global ministry, was a global communion service held in Lagos, Nigeria spoke up concerning the deadly Corona virus.

He started by thanking the Lord for His word which He has given us, stressing that fear has gripped a lot of people all around the world due to their recent experiences and occurrences particular the Corona virus which he said was brought about by the Devil.

The man of God declared that we have been given the power over uncleansed spirits, to cast them out and to cure diseases in the name of Jesus. He prayed against Corona virus and cursed it from the very root and also cursed the demons which he said are behind the origin and spread of the virus.

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Pastor Chris in his prayer broke the influence of Corona Virus which started from China and is now spreading to other nations of the world. The man of God commanded the virus to stop its operations in the name of Jesus.

He also frustrated the works of the deadly virus and dispatched angels of the Lord to go fourth and cause the vaccines to be made available by the wisdom of God, he declared that solutions will come to men in their various nations and that the cure would be made not only available but cheap.

Finally, pastor declared that there will be no more fear of Corona virus all around the world by the power of the Holy Ghost in the name of Jesus Christ.

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