Here is why Jidenna and Falz are trending

Here is why Jidenna and Falz are trending

Social media is an interesting place to be in current times as Jidenna and Falz have realized. It is amazing how a simple thing you do could cause you to trend for days and even months. With social media being the most common method of communication, especially for the young, it is not surprising that people keep checking for the latest news online and trends.

Here is why Jidenna and Falz are trending

Well, Jidenna may have been on his business of grooming and looking good when he decided to get a tattoo without knowing that he would cause a stir and become a sensation as people cannot get enough of him. On the other hand, Falz keeps trending with look-alike’s showing up every time.

News on Jidenna and Falz

As mentioned earlier, all the exciting news is found online. If you want to catch up on the latest gossips, the chances are that you will find it on one of the social media platforms. It is even easier if the person involved is a celebrity.

People have a way of being attracted to the gist and catchy information, regardless of its importance. Check out what has been trending on Twitter and Instagram about Jidenna and Falz.

What’s up with Falz look-alikes?

One may wonder if there is something the celebrity and beloved musician Falz is not telling. The popular singer Folarin Falana from Nigeria, who is also a comedian that is commonly referred to as Falz, has recently made it to the news and not for his music or comedy. On the contrary, a trending video with someone that looks exactly like him has recently been popping up on social sites, precisely on Twitter. The Austria based artist apparently has someone that could easily imitate him without being noticed.

Here is why Jidenna and Falz are trending

It is the famous Nigerian comedian and star, Mc Lively, that discovered this man on one of Lagos State streets. As usual, this news solicited a lot of reactions from the public with Nigerians saying that the two could perform in different regions and no one would notice the difference. Check out the comment from Twitter fans below:

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Slay Papa a.k.a Mr. Skye@TweetAtAustin: This Falz can be performing somewhere at the same time the other Falz is performing elsewhere. Which is even the real Falz?
soul Photographer @folastag: Have y’all seen this Guy that looks like Falz? Just a pinch of money to spen on this guy and Boom we have Falz series 2@falzthebahdguy
Mcyoung Starboy@Mcyoung_Starboy: If I’m this guy, I will just get a manager, open Twitter account, start singing falz songs, even the real falz will be looking for a way to feature me.

Going by the comments above, it is obvious that the resemblance is so close to the point that people cannot tell the difference.

As if that is not enough, this is not the first time that this has happened. The artist in 2017, during the Falz Experience headline concert, made another look-alike. In fact, the two were so much alike that it was easy to conclude that they were brothers. The man even wore similar eye-wear as Falz. With so many look-alikes popping up, one may wonder if there is more to this than meets the eye. Is it that there are other siblings or relatives that Falz is not aware of, or is it just a matter of coincidence? Whatever the case, it is surprising and interesting as fans cannot keep calm about it.

Jidenna trending for being fine and snack-like

You may have been one of the many that thought Jidenna’s recent trend was because of his newly released music. Well, contrary to his excellent music, the Nigerian-American artist has people’s tongues wagging because of his obvious cute look. The ladies can not seem to get enough of him, especially with his recent posts and pics.

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While everyone knows that he has always been handsome and totally attractive, it seems as though the star wanted to remind us that he is still as se*xy as before. The Classic Man and Bambi star artist has recently got himself a tattoo on one of his masculine hands, making him even more handsome and conspicuous. If you thought you knew the model-like star, his recent pic is perfect.

Here is why Jidenna and Falz are trending

Apart from the usually tailored suits we are used to seeing him in, he chose to swap them for a slicked-down mane and went for more of a buff and rugged look. According to his Instagram photo, he is seen wearing a sleeveless T-shirt that shows his muscled physique, and even more exciting, a tribal arm tattoo that has had ladies drooling over him.

To know just how much of stir his recent pic has caused online, check out the following remarks from Twitter below:

M.K.O || PorPorRee@VEJ0ME: When did Jidenna turn to Zaddy?
L Rochelle@lrochelle83: I was minding my own business then Jidenna with his fine self…
hippie urbāne @scnmee: Jidenna BEEN fine. Lol where have yalllll beeeeeen?
OGP@LexiMoon_: Jidenna been fine af and y’all just now gettin hip?Here i am thinking he dropped some new music
Proud Bahamian @ISLANDCHULA28: Yall just realizing Jidenna is se*xy AF????
With the news of Jidenna and Falz trending online, it is amazing to note that people are always looking for juicy details about the celebrities they love. What is going on about your favourite star?

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