Home is where the heart is: Young Nigerian lady shares how she became sad after moving to the USA

Home is where the heart is: Young Nigerian lady shares how she became sad after moving to the USA

Several Nigerians have always nursed the idea of relocating from their country all in the name of seeking greener pastures and better opportunities.

However, a lady identified as Uju on Twitter, has come out with lengthy review of her experience since she upped from Nigeria and relocated to the United States of America (USA), for the sake of a better life.

Uju started off by noting that Friday, March 6, marked one year since she left her country. She went on to share how she moved from Nigeria before concluding her mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme.

According to her, she had expected to arrive in the country, find a good paying job, progress in her career as a makeup artist, meet more friends and generally just enjoy a better version of life she had been accustomed to in Nigeria.

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“I also thought when i get here my social life would be better cos I would have access to nicer clothes, brighter sun for pretty pictures and I’d be happier cos I can go out as much as I want. No need to be checking my account, no traffic, none of that struggle. I also thought I could get a car within 2-3months because in America, it’s so easy to get cars (so they said),” her narration read in part.

Unfortunately for Uju, her imagination of a better life fell short of her expectations.

On meeting new people, Uju said that people in the US are not friendly like they are in Lagos.

“It’s like they wake up everyday and chase one goal: to pay their bills. No time to stop and have a conversation with someone new or even give a compliment. Do’t get me wrong, I’ve come across people who were nice and friendly but they are mostly much older so there’s not a lot in common,” she wrote.

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Uju also recounted her experience with racism and how she was left sad and depressed a lot of times. She explained how she had never believed talks about the high rate of depression in the US, until she had a taste of it herself and had to deal with feelings of sadness.

Concluding her post, Uju said: “I would say it’s definitely the land of opportunities career wise and like everywhere else you have to hustle a lot to harness it but the pressure is just more especially if you are coming from a country with much lesser opportunities.”

See her post below:

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