Honest lady returns N500k found in client’s clothes to bosses; gets praised

Honest lady returns N500k found in client's clothes to bosses; gets praised

While some people would pocket large amounts they stumbled upon at their workplaces, a young lady identified as Rhoda Lamptey with laundry service company Laundry Chief, returned a whopping $1,400 she found in a client’s garment.

A brief statement on the company’s social media handle affirmed the account while commending Rhoday’s remarkable act of quality moral cabinet and high work ethics.

Rhoda evidently has a rare persona of individuals operating in the realms of high integrity, morality and unmatched stands for ethical dealings.

The young lady’s laudable show of integrity has been celebrated by many including management of the company and colleague workers.

”We celebrate you for your awesome demonstration of integrity. You found $14,000 in a customer’s garment and reported it to management sot the cash could be returned to its owner,” the company said in a statement Facebook.

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While Rhoda has received a few tongue-lashing remarks from some social media users who think it was an opportunity for her to transform her life, others have commended her for enabling herself to become a shining example for many.

”Great,” a former worker at Multimedia Group Limited, simply wrote on Facebook along with an artwork.

”That is great , she have a beautiful heart,” Frank Mopol waoooo said in reaction to the company’s post on Facebook.

”She knows whom she is, integrity at it peak,” Arthur K. Vanderpuye Lugudor said.

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